Liza Erpelo

last updated 12/5/2016

Liza S. Erpelo

Coordinator, Kababayan Program at Skyline College

3300 College Drive, San Bruno, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(650) 738-4100

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Liza Erpelo - Vice President
Liza is an English professor at Skyline College in San Bruno and founder of the school's Kababayan Program, a learning community that focuses on the Filipino and Filipino-American student experience. She also serves as the Faculty Advisor of Skyline's Filipino Student Union. Liza has appeared in and served as crew for several Bindlestiff Studios production including "The FOB Show" and "Love Edition 2.

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toxic city by Janice Lobo Sapigao · Bookstore · Woodland Pattern

- Liza Marie S. Erpelo, Professor of Language Arts, Skyline College

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Liza Erpelo, assistant professor of English at Skyline Community College in Daly City, California, writes the words up into three tidy columns on the dry-erase board, calling on students by name to lead them into participating.
It's only five days till the start of mid-term exams and the students are spending the class period reading each other's essays and reviewing grammar concepts. Ending up in Liza Erpelo's class was a lucky break for Marijoy. For two years, she stayed in the same cohort within the Kababayan program, fostering a relationship with her fellow students she describes as being "like a family.

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