Liz Prodonovich

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Executive Director  - NewLife Academy

Executive Director  - NewLife Academy of Information Technology

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Eagle Inc., according to Liz Prodonovich, NewLife's executive director.To emphasize the school-job connection, the nine new graduates were each presented with their own personal business cards.They will be employed at least through a two-year apprenticeship, she said.Prodonovich said Newbold recognized the problem of computer graduates entering the workforce with no actual business experience, when most information technology help-wanted ads specify 'experience required.'Prodonovich said an organization from Kentucky is interested in the NewLife model for social and economic change.

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Elizabeth Prodonovich, executive director of NewLife Academy, commented that 'We at NewLife Academy are very excited that our program has been recognized by the VA for its quality.

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'We are very excited,' said Liz Prodonovich of the governor's planned visit.Prodonovich is executive director of NewLife Academy. 'We really do have something unique and exciting here.It's bringing jobs in to help revitalize the area.'The idea came up as Irish Sanders, chief operating officer for NewLife, was meeting with state officials on a business call, said Prodonovich.Details of the visit have yet to be worked out, but Prodonovich said the governor's time will permit only a tour of the innovative school and its associated software development corporation, Soaring Eagle Inc.

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