Liz Eggleston

last updated 6/6/2018

Liz Eggleston

Co-founder, Editor at Course Report school

25 Broadway 10th Floor, New York City, New York, United States

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Project Manager- Internal Communications, Training and Documentation - LivingSocial LTD


computer science degrees

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About Us

Course Report was founded in 2013 by Adam Lovallo and Liz Eggleston.
While at LivingSocial, Liz and Adam saw the Hungry Academy come to fruition and were inspired by the program's success in transforming bright employees into entry-level developers in six months. Liz Eggleston Co-Founder

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Fullstack Academy | Remote Immersive

Fullstack Founders David and Nimit talk with Course Report's Liz Eggleston about the Remote program

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Are growing boot camps like Trilogy a reputational risk?

Liz Eggleston, co-founder of coding school comparison site Course Report, said she has been tracking university partnerships with boot camps.
She said Trilogy is not the only player working with continuing education divisions (Learning House's Software Guild currently has partnerships with seven institutions), but it is the biggest. Student outcomes reports are an important tool for potential students to evaluate boot camps, said Eggleston. She recommends that potential students review these reports closely when choosing a boot camp, in addition to reading student reviews and visiting classrooms. "The best boot camps are typically transparent about their student outcomes, whether they publish these themselves or through an organization like the Council on Integrity in Results Reporting," said Eggleston.

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