Lisa Peterson

last updated 1/25/2018

Lisa R. Peterson

Rock River Charter School Principal and Coordinator of Charter School Development at School District of Janesville

527 S FRANKLIN ST, Janesville, Wisconsin, United States
HQ Phone:
(608) 743-5000

General Information


Principal - TAGOS Leadership Academy

Principal Rock River Charter School and Franklin Middle School Assistant Principal - Janesville Parker High School


Bachelor's degree - English and Public Speaking , UW-La Crosse

Master's degree - Curriculum and Instruction , UW-Madison

Master's degree - Curriculum and Instruction , UW-Madison

Master's degree - Leadership , Cardinal Stritch University for Ecuational

PhDCardinal Stritch University

technical college degree

Recent News  

TAGOS Leadership Academy ~ Janesville, Wisconsin ~ TAGOS Staff

Melissa is a Janesville native and graduate from Parker High School.
She spent two years attending Blackhawk Technical College and graduated in 1994 with a technical college degree. Melissa has worked for the School District of Janesville for many years, with the exception of time off to raise her family. Once her children were settled into school she decided to return to the School District of Janesville to do exactly what she loves, working with students. In December of 2014 she was hired by the staff at TAGOS and works directly with each student helping them with every aspect of their educational journey. Melissa enjoys building relationships with each student. It is her belief that each and every one of the TAGOS students is amazing and possess talents which can be revealed through their project work. Melissa looks forward to many many more years at TAGOS so she can continue to work with the exceptional students and staff of Dr. Lisa Peterson TAGOS Principal Dr. Lisa R. Peterson serves as the Principal to TAGOS Leadership Academy, ARISE Virtual Academy, and Rock River Charter School; additionally, she serves as the Coordinator of Charter School Development for the Janesville School District. Dr. Peterson earned her Bachelor's degree from UW-La Crosse with a double major in English and Public Speaking. For fifteen years, Dr. Peterson taught English and Public Speaking at Parker High School where she also advised the Yearbook, Key Club, and Human Relations. A Nationally Board Certified Teacher, Dr. Peterson earned a Master's degree from UW-Madison in Curriculum and Instruction as well as a Master's degree from Cardinal Stritch University for Ecuational Leadership. For seven years, Dr. Peterson served as the Assistant Principal at Franklin Middle School. Dr. Peterson has served Janesville Charter Schools since 2011. In July 2014, Dr. Peterson completed her PhD with Cardinal Stritch University; her dissertation focused on the efforts of educational leaders to close the achievement gap. Valuing social justice, Dr. Peterson is deeply honored to have the opportunity to help students enrolled in Janesville's charter schools progress on their journeys toward successful futures.

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Lisa Peterson
Rock River Charter Principal Lisa Peterson said an additional benefit to the class will be showing students how to apply for financial aid to continue their education after high school. "We want to show them the difference in wage earning potential and how to apply for financial aid," Peterson said.

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Lisa Peterson
It's students such as Braxton who will benefit from a $103,500 InSPIRE grant recently received by the Janesville School District from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, said Lisa Peterson, principal at Rock River Charter. "We're excited to develop the program," Peterson said. "Getting kids successfully to graduation and towards post secondary education is our goal." Peterson said the grant will help the school improve coordination of services, education and pregnancy programs for students. About 73 percent of the students live in poverty. "Some parenting teenagers choose to come here, some do not," Peterson said. "(A fatherhood position) is relatively groundbreaking within the state of Wisconsin," Peterson said. "It will completely enhance the program," Peterson said. "Increased resources for students will lead to increased opportunities." Thirty-five parenting students receive services at Rock River Charter this year, Peterson said. That's 15.8 percent of the school's enrollment.

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