Lisa Neifert

Lisa Neifert

Owner at Advanced Aviation Simulators Inc

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7395 S. Peoria St. Suite #204 TAC Air Hangar #8, Englewood, Colorado, United States
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(303) 649-9901

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Advanced Aviation Simulators - Advanced Aviation Simulators: A Less Expensive Way to Flight Train

"We train all levels of flight training, from private pilot to airline," say's Lisa Neifert, owner of Advanced Aviation Simulators, located at Centennial Airport.
"We have a lot of clients that fly in from all over the country to get our airline interview consulting and simulator prep." Neifert said they help about a hundred pilots annually, and have been very successful getting them hired on to the airlines. "A lot of the pilots that did our airline prep and supplemental training are now upgraded captains today," She said. Neifert said a very high percentage of washouts happen during IOE. Neifert said that scan and skill deteriorates 80 percent when you're not applying them on a regular basis. "If you don't use it, you lose it, and you need to be rock solid on the instruments and airspeed control to be a strong candidate for an airline career," she said. "The airlines are looking to hire captains, not first officers." Neifert owns five simulators; a sixth one is on its way. "Pilots get better training from these kinds of simulators," Neifert said. Neifert has a King Air B200 crew trainer, made by Elite. "We do a lot of 1900D profiles and callouts, CRM, LOFT training. Neifert said. Advanced Aviation Simulators has about 200 club members; several companies use Neifert's services. She also supplies a classroom full of DVDs, CDs, tapes and books. She even has the complete Cal. Tech Physics, a 52-video series. "You name it; I have it," she said. "I want a complete training and learning environment - just like The United Training Center - all here, at Centennial Airport." According to the FAA website, the number of issued private pilot certificates has declined since 2002. That concerns Neifert and is one of the reasons she has an "open-door policy." "Sometimes a pilot would like to join the club, but can't quite afford it that particular month," she said. "I let them in anyway; they can watch the DVDs and read my books. I want them to learn and have a complete knowledge on everything. Besides the videos, Neifert offers a cutout of actual size of a CRJ 200 and 1900D instrument panels, called "paper tigers," for CPT training. She also offers resume and cover letter service. Neifert started Advanced Aviation Simulators in 2004 with just one room. Her business now fills almost half of the second floor of the Tac Air Hangar # 8 building. She's always adding new products to her sim center.

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