Lisa Griffith

last updated 1/22/2018

Lisa L. Griffith

Switch Technician at Verizon Wireless

One Verizon Way, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, United States
HQ Phone:
(908) 559-7000

General Information


Network Switch Engineer - U.S. Cellular Corporation


degree - electrical engineering , 

Recent News

At work with . . . Lisa GriffithSTLtoday - At work with . . . Lisa GriffithAt work with . . . Lisa GriffithLisa GriffithMARCH 10, 2008 -- U.S. Cellular Switch Engineer Lisa Griffith finishes up some work at her workstation before leaving town for the day at the U.S. Cellular station in East St. Louis, Illinois.And sitting in that building, making sure all those calls and texts get where they're supposed to go, is Lisa Griffith.She's a network switch engineer for U.S. Cellular Corp., one of three people who spend their days making sure all the right connections get made in those few seconds between when you press "Talk" and when a distant phone starts ringing.She's one of the people who makes sure that the massive node of communication runs smoothly.Perhaps the biggest piece of her job is managing capacity, watching the hundreds of cell sites in U.S. Cellular's network from Rolla, Mo., to Greenville, Ill., to make sure none of them gets overwhelmed and starts dropping calls. >When a call does get dropped, Griffith burrows into layers of computer data to figure out why.When there are upgrades to be done or new software to be patched in, Griffith does that, too.And she helps on the long-term planning of where to put new towers as U.S. Cellular's network grows."There are so many hats here," she said."We get to do everything."Then there's the big room next to her office, where all the information comes together.It's chock-full of racks of servers and lockers of switching equipment and fat bundles of fiber cables, humming with the sound of the 10 cooling units that keep it all from melting down.When something goes awry, Griffith gets an alarm, and with her colleagues tries to figure out the right fix."You can never plan your day," she said.Almost as soon as Griffith learns a new process at the switch, she said, it's likely to change on her.That might be her favorite part of the job, she said - the learning. She used to manage record stores, and was looking for a change.She had some friends in the sound industry."They said, 'You could do this,'" she said.So she went to school, and got a degree in electrical engineering.After nine years with another wireless company, she joined U.S. Cellular about four years ago, and worked in the field helping to build out their regional network.Then she came to the switch, and started learning how to manage all the information flowing through that bunker-like building in East St. Louis.And now she has a seat at the center of it all, tracking those tens of thousands of connections an hour, and making sure they get where they're supposed to go.Lisa Griffith

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