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Lew Colby

Chief Executive Officer at Maine Radio and Television Company

Maine Radio and Television Company

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Promotion Manager and Weatherperson  - WCSH-TV

Executive  - WCSH-TV

Pilot  - Nun

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Lew Colby, then the WCSH "weatherman" would point at his map and tell us a bit of what the weather was like there and let us in on the town's happenings. This Friday we will have the opportunity to hear Lew speak on "Weatherlore, Fact or Fiction".For the record Lew is from New York and came to Maine in 1957.He joined WCSH-TV in 1963 as Promotion Manager/Weatherperson.Over the next 35 years he worked in every conceivable management position eventually becoming CEO of Maine Radio and Television Company.After the sale of the company to Gannett Television Lew continues to work with the Rines-Thompson family as CEO of CSP Mobile Productions which leases mobile video and audio units for on-location productions such as MTV, ESPN, NESN, the Billy Graham Crusades and numerous collegiate sports franchises.Lew and his wife Rosemary reside in Buxton.December 3rd Lew Colby

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This Week At Portland Rotary: Lew Colby"Google" Lew Colby - Lew Colby, the goat herder with the grazing service?Lew Colby, the pit bull terrier breeder?Lew Colby, the school administrator?No, none of these fit Maine's Lew Colby, who older members will remember as a TV weatherman before that breed became professional and had access to radar images and other scientific services.We'll leave it to others to determine if Lew's whiteboard forecasts were any more or less accurate than today's graphically rich presentations.None of the current crop of forecasters have maintained Lew's mythical villages, however.Lew Colby will be our first speaker of 2007.He is happy to speak to our Rotary Club, because he knows we are always kind enough to laugh at his jokes.Besides, as he would say, he is happy to be alive - "to be vertical".As mentioned, you may remember Lew from his days doing weather for WCSH-TV.In those days, Hannibal's Crossing, Maine had a lot of weather issues that drew Lew's interest, if not the interest of local viewers, for Lew was always wont to comment upon the weather at Hannibal's Crossing in the evening news. The weather patterns must have been extremely strange in those days, because Hannibal's Crossing never seemed to mirror the rest of the state weather-wise.Delorme, the map people must have been confounded about all of this, because they even left Hannibal's Crossing off their maps!Later in his television career, Lew, as an executive of WCSH TV 6 used to take a half hour of time in the early evening to entertain questions about the station and its programming, and defend its practice of carrying news rather than some of the more obscure CBS sports events, like Professional Golf.This raised the ire of those who wanted to watch the regular programming, and they would call Lew during his "Feedback" program, and give him feedback aplenty.Perhaps this is why Lew, a New York City native, began to adopt a Downeast accent, and indulge in Maine humor …After passing the weather duties on to others, Lew continued in television management.Lew joins us this Friday with stories built from his experience in the earlier days in Maine's television industry.Lew Colby

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Alan and our guest speaker, Lew Colby, share a bit of history and it was predetermined that this meeting was not going to be a somber reflection on past world events nor a sullen prediction of what's to come.Lew Colby was granted the few obligatory remarks of introduction by Alan but essentially was there to tee it up for our guest to launch into his routine.It is somewhat unfortunate that those "from away" and too young to have a vivid recollection of Howdy Doody may not possess the same solid background to fully appreciate the skills of raconteur, Lew Colby who came to our big city from Buxton to rekindle some fleeting memories.While Colby has a wealth of first hand knowledge of prominently memorable news events from times past and was a professional weather forecaster long before global warming, he chose to regale us with yarns that have always brought a laugh to even the dourest personality.Many decades ago, when Lew Colby did the weather report on TV, it was much more art than science and one had the sense that the reporters knew that.Consequently, they interspersed humor with storm clouds to create a presentation that was likely to bring a sunshine of smiles.Colby was, perhaps arguably, the most creative and cerebral of the group and offered up stories from Hannibal's Crossing which was a fictitious location here in Maine.The denizens of Hannibal's crossing took on a special form and place in the lives of the attentive audience that lasted in the mind forever.Ultimately, this flight of fancy became reality and the a bridge up in the Great North Woods was given the moniker of Hannibal's Crossing and placed on the map by DeLorme and thus given official recognition.With the time that Lew Colby spent with us he took us from Hannibal's Crossing to the General Store and down to the Pilot's Grill with the Nun and her tee cup always keeping the group in a nostalgic enrapture.He may not be a stand up comic by trade but her certainly is a stand up kind of guy and when given the recognition of a donation in his name he pledged to match the gift.

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