Lesley Hatfield

Lesley Hatfield

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at NiteSweatz Inc

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5805 State Bridge Rd. Suite G232, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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(800) 611-0069

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Director of Business Development  - Integrated Financial Group Inc

Director of Business Development  - thebraintrust.net

Managing Partner  - 21DayFitnessChallenge.com

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Lesley Hatfield
Founder, NiteSweatz Surely someone must sell moisture-absorbing pajamas, Lesley said. When her client confirmed that there were no options, Hatfield suggested that she sleep in her running gear. It worked, and the rest is history: Lesley launched NiteSweatz Inc., a company that produces sleepwear and apparel made with moisture-wicking fabric, and now, a few short years later, her product is sold in over 450 boutiques, hit $1 million in sales in 2007, and is on target to bring in $2 million in 2008. What we learned from Lesley: We're not superheroes, and as long as we can remember that we are doing the best we can, then our sanity will remain intact. Author webmasterCategories CLOTHING, FEATURED LADIES, HEALTH/FITNESS/RELATIONSHIPS/WELLNESS14 Comments on Lesley Hatfield

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Lesley Hatfield
Lesley Hatfield, CEO NiteSweatz and Radio Host Lesley is host of Single Again! Now What? radio show on Divorce Source Radio and CEO of NiteSweatz. NiteSweatz was created by an experienced Exercise Physiologist and Licensed Personal Trainer, Lesley Hatfield, who had a long time personal training client complain of night sweats from perimenopause. Hatfield, an exercise professional of 10 years and well versed with the current range of high-tech materials on the market, suggested her client sleep in her running gear. She developed the idea further and decided to create a line of cool sleepwear made of the very best moisture-wicking material. The rest, as they say, is history. Many women face challenges in terms of increased body temperature that can cause hot flashes and/or night sweats, including perimenopause, pregnancy, chemotherapy, obesity, the various medications prescribed for depression and anxiety, HIV, thyroid disorders, and diabetes. To relieve some of the discomfort, NiteSweatz was designed with moisture wicking fabric - a permanent moisture transparent technology that actually pulls moisture away from the body allowing it to evaporate faster. Hatfield, Founder/CEO of NiteSweatz explains, "We worked very hard to develop garments with outstanding construction that meet the needs of women's ever changing bodies. The result is a light-weight, cool slinky fabric that feels wonderful!" Learn more about Lesley at www.NiteSweatz.com

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