Leonard Berwick

Leonard J. Berwick

Chief Executive Officer Chairman at First City Bankers

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Leonard Berwick is the chairman and CEO of First City Bankers.He came in to present a series of very exciting ventures from movie studios, real estate, ecological projects and more.Len will be working with us on our marketing venture fund and we will be involved in the marketing of his projects.

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We did extensive research to identify a high tech company we could represent to the US federal government and large corporations, stated Leonard Berwick, First City's Chairman/CEO.SmartSources.com possesses both the technological ability and the foresight to be strategically positioned in key projects such as NAFTA.we be very comfortable and pleased to be working with them..SmartSources.com is an internationally recognized software and internet company committed to producing powerful web-based solutions and specialized technologies adaptive to the ever-expanding needs of businesses operating in the global economy.The company develops innovative, proprietary, web-based applitions and expert knowledge-management systems for companies and organizationsfunctioning on the internet.

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