Leon Alevantis

Leon E. Alevantis

Deputy Chief of the Indoor Air Quality Section at California Department of Health Services

1430 N. St. #6408, Sacramento, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(714) 703-2800

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Senior Mechanical Engineer  - Calif. , company

Sustainability Manager  - California Department of Public Health


MS  - 


Members  - California Air Resources Board

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And that's the crux of the health debate - a debate further clarified by Leon Alevantis, deputy chief of the indoor air quality section of California's Department of Health Services. Mr. Alevantis was charged with designing the best standards for smoking rooms, once California's state ban permitted smoking lounges in cities that didn't have stricter bans themselves that prohibited them. His research found that a certain amount of pressure - 5 to 7 pascals, to be precise - "should be sufficient enough to keep the smoke out of smoke-free areas." "It's probably one of the best ways to contain smoking to one area of a building with minimum leakage.That's the approach California took," he said. Still, Mr. Alevantis said, even with that amount, "You are still going to have about a five percent leakage," he said. For that reason, his recommendations include - in addition to using negative pressure - using sliding doors, rather than swinging doors, and making sure that walls go all the way up.In other words, watch for lowered ceilings.

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In the next four years, the state will build more than 400 schools, says to Leon Alevantis, MS, P.E., deputy chief, Indoor Air Quality Section, California Department of Health Services.www.eppbuildingproducts.org

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Leon E. Alevantis
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