Leighton Whyte

last updated 6/7/2018

Leighton A. Whyte

Senior Project Manager (Acting) at Urban Development Corporation

12 Ocean Boulevard, Kingston, Kingston, Jamaica

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two-year construction technology programme , EXED Community College

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Leighton Whyte, Senior Project Manager
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How Saving Helped Me Establish A Solid Foundation | JN Foundation

Of all the gifts that Leighton Whyte received for special occasions as a child from his father and found to be the most meaningful was a savings passbook.
He was then a 12-year-old student, already in third form at Calabar High, having passed the Common Entrance Examination at nine years old. He said that nothing could have compared to the pride he had, knowing that he owned a savings account at the Jamaica National Building Society, now JN Bank. "Having my own passbook gave me a sense of accomplishment and motivated me to save," Whyte, the acting senior project manager at the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) related. In addition to saving from his lunch money, Leighton supplemented his savings with income received from his parents for regular household chores, such as washing the car, sweeping the yard and cutting the hedge. Later, when he enrolled in a two-year construction technology programme at the EXED Community College, he was able to earn additional income from architectural drawings done for family and friends. He matriculated to the University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech), studying construction technology and architecture, and excelled academically. He also gained employment at Marvin Goodman and Associates, as an architectural intern, while still a student. Following the completion of his studies, he was employed by the same architectural firm. With the habit of saving now firmly entrenched, Leighton established a standing order at work to facilitate automatic withdrawal of his savings, which was sent directly to his account at the building society. By the time he was 24, Leighton had accumulated enough money to purchase his first car, a gleaming 2003 Toyota Altezza. "That was another great achievement, knowing that it was all possible as a result of a saving habit that was inculcated in me as a child." Today, Leighton still embraces the good money-management principles he practised as a youngster.

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