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Judd Lawrence, P.E. 100 Lindburg Plaza 2 5160 Wiley Post Way Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (801) 532-2520, FAX (801) 328-3381

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Those preliminary figures were presented to the council last week by Judd Lawrence of Bingham Engineering, a firm hired by Grantsville to help in the establishment of water impact fees.An alternative to paying the secondary water rights fee would be for the landowner to secure enough secondary water rights to irrigate 64 percent of a building lot up to one-half acre in size.Larger lots would require that 60 percent of the first acre be irrigated, with irrigation being required for 100 percent of land over one acre. Councilman Craig Anderson is opposed to telling a landowner how much of his property must be irrigated.Lawrence, an engineer who is also a Grantsville resident, said that requiring landowners to buy secondary water rights or pay impact fees for a certain percentage of their land does make sense."We are trying to assure there will be sufficient water rights to accommodate all the needs of the city," Lawrence stated."It is the city's responsibility to make sure there is enough water."Councilman Kevin Hall says that while he does not entirely disagree that government should not tell people what to do with their property, he does believe a requirement that landowners have sufficient water to take care of their property is necessary.Lawrence agrees that not requiring landowners to purchase enough water rights - whether they use them or not - would spell trouble for Grantsville down the road.He says Grantsville residents will someday wake up and realize there is not enough water for city residents.

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