Laurie Heron

last updated 3/4/2017

Laurie Heron

Member at Killcare Community Association Incorporated

P.O. Box 4069, Wagstaffe, New South Wales, Australia

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Community Association History

Laurie and Sylvia Heron were very hospitable and they and Rod and Pat Radford taught ball-room dancing at the Herons' house but a bigger venue was needed.
Laurie Heron designed the building. His father, Laurie Heron, a member of the Association, designed the building and employed the tradesmen. *Laurie Heron also designed Rod Radford's chemist shop at Ettalong. Two members of the Association, Mr Turner and Mr Heron operated the projector and took full responsibility for its care and maintenance. Mr. Heron, a member, designed the Hall and drew up the plans, which were passed by Council. At this picture show, the Projector was mounted on a medium sized kitchen table at one end of the Hall and Mr Heron stood on the table beside the machine to operate it. I can assure all readers that there was still plenty of opposition. This decided the Assoc. to hold two picture shows a week, now there was a Hall to show them in. At this time Mr Heron, who had helped so much, left the district, but still remained a member.

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