Laura Packer

Laura S. Packer

Communications Consultant, Writer, Public Speaking Coach at Laura Packer

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Storyteller, Communications Consultant, Public Speaker, Writer, Coach  - Think Story

Researcher  - Massachusetts General Hospital


B.A.  - Folklore and Mythology , Boston University

degree  - Folklore and Mythology , Boston University


Member  - Tongue-in-Cheek Storytellers

Founder  - The American Story Theater

Board Member  - National Storytelling Network

Writer, Internal Communications Coordinator  - iRobot Corporation

Chair of the Committee  - STF

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You can reach Laura at
You can call her at 781.526.7255 Laura Packer has been telling stories her whole life - her mother reports she was born talking. The daughter of a children's librarian and a writer, it seems inevitable that she become a storyteller and writer herself, since her childhood was steeped in narrative. By second grade, Laura was telling stories to her classmates, creating her own magazines and writing letters to the editor of her hometown newspaper; her deep love of fairytales and mythology eventually led her to obtain a degree in Folklore and Mythology from Boston University. Imagine her surprise when she discovered, upon graduating, that there isn't a crying need for folklorists! Undaunted by the lack of job openings for folklorists, Laura has built a career helping people and organizations find their own story, performing original and traditional tales around the world, and creating written narrative that draws the reader into new possibilities.

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You can reach Laura at
You can call her at 781.526.7255

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You can reach Laura at
You can call her at 781.526.7255 When Laura performs, the stage vanishes and you find yourself in other times, other lives and other stories, all so familiar you'd swear they were your own. Laura tells original and traditional stories for all audiences, with a focus on adults, families and older children. Her stories cover the range of human experience from the most grounded to the fantastical and are a collaborative creation with the audience, drawing listeners into the world of the story. Laura has programs available for most settings and occasions, including schools, libraries, for- and non-profit organizations (for more information on business storytelling services please see, community events, personal celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, transitions, etc. and other occasions. Click here for program examples. Laura has performed around the world, at venues as varied as Laura has hosted numerous spoken word venues to support new and established artists; is a past chair of Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference; and a former board member of the National Storytelling Network and the League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling. In 2009, Laura was recognized for her national service to the storytelling community with an Oracle Award from the National Storytelling Network.

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