Laura Drury

Laura Drury

Clinical Director of Social Services at Butler Hospital

345 Blackstone Blvd, Providence, Rhode Island, United States
HQ Phone:
(401) 455-6200

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MSWBrown University


Member of the Faculty - Brown University medical school

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Carene's Wellness Corner

It's what someone with cancer chooses to do with those feelings that can determine the effects of depression, according to Laura Drury, MSW, LICSW, clinical director of Social Services at Butler Hospital and a breast cancer survivor.
"When first diagnosed with cancer, you can't help but fear that it may be a death sentence," she says simply. Drury urged cancer patients to be gentle with themselves but also try different ways to work through the depression. Through her personal experience as a patient, she found that taking control of the things she could control, like her medical care, helped. "I became knowledgeable about breast cancer and did extensive research to find a cancer institute and physician who specialized in treating breast cancer," she says, adding that she also chose exercise as a way to stave off depression. "I was using my Nordic Track like crazy, feeling, again, that I was going to do everything I could for my health. The first few months I felt strong and very positive about my prognosis. As my treatments continued, the cumulative effects of the chemotherapy and radiation resulted in my losing energy and stamina. At that point, I needed to listen to my body and rest." Instead of exercise, Drury started reading spiritual books, spent time walking around the backyard with her German Shepherd to get some fresh air, and connected with other women who had breast cancer for support. "There is something special about interacting with someone who lives it first-hand and who is having similar experiences," she says.

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Laura Drury, MSW, LICSW, clinical director of Social Services at Butler Hospital, says making big New Year's resolutions may not be for everyone.
"The intentions behind New Year's resolutions are always great, and if they work for you, go for it. But sometimes, the unintended consequences of New Year's resolutions, such as added pressure, feelings of failure if we don't meet our own expectations, and not accepting that we are good enough just as we are, aren't a great recipe for success." If you opt to forgo the classic resolutions of going on a diet or spending every day in the gym, consider these alternatives. Laura advises, "Easy does it. "Compassion for yourself fosters compassion for others," says Drury, "Whenever you find yourself being self-critical, you can counteract those thoughts by detaching from them. Laura says, "If at some point you decide to try to make a bigger resolution, there's no need to wait for a new year.

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Laura Drury, MSW, LICSW, clinical director of Social Services at Butler Hospital and clinical faculty at Brown University, discusses the connection between cancer and mental health from the perspective of a cancer survivor and clinical social worker.

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