Laura Ankrum

Laura Ankrum

Social Media Coordinator at Thirsties Inc

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436 West 67th St., Loveland, Colorado, United States
Thirsties Inc
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(888) 315-2330

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New England Conservatory's Kodály Music Institute


New England Conservatory's Kodaly Music Institute

bachelor's of music  - University of Iowa


Music Educator  - Derby Academy

Bassoonist  - Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony

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Laura Ankrum
Laura Ankrum Social Media Coordinator Laura lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband and two little ones, who she cloth diapers. Prior to joining the ranks of motherhood, Laura taught elementary music and beginning band in the Boston area. Now her home is her classroom. Laura is passionate about eco-friendly living, education, and encouraging other moms. In addition to her work at Thirsties Laura regularly contributes to the blog, First Time Mom.

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Laura Ankrum
A music educator and bassoonist, Laura earned a bachelor's of music from the University of Iowa. In 2007, Laura served as the second bassoonist of the Waterloo Cedar Falls Symphony. As a bassoon student, Laura performed at many music festivals both in the states and abroad. Laura continues her studies at the New England Conservatory's Kodaly Music Institute and is an active bassoonist in the Boston area, playing first bassoon in the Charles River Wind Ensemble. For more information about Goulet & Co., you may contact Mrs. Ankrum at

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This past summer, Derby Academy music teachers Mrs. Laura Ankrum and Mr. Mark Rabuck received summer travel grants that allowed them to spend several exciting weeks studying traditional African music and dance in Ghana.
Though they did spend several days as tourists in the area, the majority of Mrs. Ankrum and Mr. Rabuck's time had them working with a program that embedded them in the small Ewe tribe community of Kopeyia in the southwest corner of Ghana. The Ewe tribe is the dominant tribe in the area of Ghana where Mrs. Ankrum and Mr. Rabuck stayed, and it was from Ewe musicians that they learned about African drumming and dance. Mrs. Ankrum and Mr. Rabuck both mentioned that part of what made the whole experience so enriching was that it was so far out of their comfort zones. Mrs. Ankrum, who teaches mainly in the Lower School, says that she worked with her younger students using some of the layering techniques she found interesting in African music, such as keeping different rhythms, instruments and harmonies playing at the same time. She also taught students how to write their own percussion parts. During her stay in Ghana, Mrs. Ankrum also visited the community's local school, and learned several of the song games that the children in that community sing, something she brought back to her students. Though they initially signed up for the program thinking it would be something wonderful they could incorporate into their classes back at Derby, both Mrs. Ankrum and Mr. Rabuck agreed that they also discovered new and unexpected passions of their own along the way. His work with the Derby students expanded upon what Mr. Rabuck and Mrs. Ankrum presented in their curriculum. Jeremy worked with students on Gahu, a piece of drumming that Mr. Rabuck and Mrs. Ankrum worked on extensively while in Ghana. Mrs. Ankrum had only glowing praise for Jeremy. "We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Jeremy, both in Ghana and here at Derby Academy," Mrs. Ankrum says, "Jeremy has a way of making this art form accessible to all.

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