Larry Singleton

Larry Singleton

Manager at Decor Warehouse

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Decor Manager - Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc

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Bringing the Cracker Barrel Look to Life | Decor Warehouse

Larry Singleton, Director, Decor Warehouse
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has always been a home-away-from-home for guests. Eventually they passed the job to their son, Larry Singleton, who continues the unique task of finding local and regional artifacts for new Cracker Barrel locations across the country. Every authentic tool, photograph, sign or toy on the walls of your local Cracker Barrel has been discovered by the Singleton family to help create the warm atmosphere that exists in our stores. Thanks to them, guests can enjoy the hearty, homestyle meals served at Cracker Barrel in a welcoming place that evokes the true spirit of a 1900s-era country store. Each store is a reflection of not only an earlier era, but of its community. When designing the décor for a new location, Singleton and his team research the town's history to identify artifacts that will complement the town and region. An antique bicycle hangs on a store wall just outside Portland, Oregon. Larry Singleton drove it around the Atlanta Motor Speedway before one of the Cracker Barrel 500 races in the mid-1990s.

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Decor Restoration

Don and Kathleen liked the job, and eventually passed it down to their son Larry in 1980.
We can also arrange interviews with Larry and a time for you to take pictures at your local Cracker Barrel location. Decor portrait Larry Singleton, manager of the Décor Warehouse, has purchased more than 600,000 artifacts over the years. He inherited the job from his parents who helped find the decor for the very first Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® location.

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Talk Shop - restaurant development + design

Larry Singleton, Cracker Barrel
Talk Shop October 16, 2014 Larry Singleton, Manager, Décor Warehouse, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. Like his parents did before him, Larry Singleton manages every step of Cracker Barrel's décor sourcing, warehousing, restoration and installation process.

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