Kyle Pauley

last updated 4/2/2018

Kyle Pauley

Updates Designer, Design Wizard at Advent LLC

2316 Cruzen Street, Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Advent LLC
HQ Phone:
(615) 742-3355

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Member, Women's Soccer Team - Auburn University

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Kyle Pauley - Advent

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Kyle Pauley Kyle Pauley Updates Designer When a school wins a championship or gets another hall of famer and their display suddenly needs to change, Kyle is the man for the job. He maintains the long-term relationship with our clients by stepping in after original designs are installed and making sure they stay fresh and updated, along with making the process easier for clients and our team to update projects in the future. Kyle received with his BFA in graphic design from Auburn University and worked for the women's soccer team in the Auburn Athletics Department after he graduated. He also worked as a junior designer for an agency in Nashville before joining the Advent team. Kyle has worked on a number of projects for us, but he is proudest of his work on the University of North Carolina men's basketball team, since he's a huge fan. Originally from Ozark, Alabama, Kyle has always looked for a creative outlet whether it was drawing comics, filming and editing comedy bits with friends or even singing for a few events. In the rest of his spare time, he likes playing soccer, watching movies, exploring with his dog, Luna, and admits his other interests are "just about anything nerdy."

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Our Story - Advent

Kyle Pauley
Updates Designer "Design Wizard" Kyle Pauley

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