Kristin Blake

last updated 3/13/2018

Kristin E. Blake

Communications Manager at Veolia Environnement company

36-38 Avenue Kleber, Paris, Ile-de-France, France
HQ Phone:
+33 1 71 75 00 00

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Veolia Receives Intel's Preferred Quality Supplier Award | Veolia North America

Kristin Blake
Communications Manager 617.691.1480

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The Intercept: From Pittsburgh to Flint, the dire consequences of giving private companies responsibility for ailing public water systems - Corporate Accountability

"Veolia was pleased to put the issue behind us," Veolia spokesperson Kristin Blake wrote in an email to The Intercept.
"Veolia would never recommend delaying important capital projects or cutting costs at the expense of water safety. Blake disputed the allegations in the Michigan suit. "Our work in Flint was extremely limited," Blake wrote, adding that "lead issues were excluded." In an email to The Intercept, Blake, the Veolia spokesperson, emphasized that point. "Lead concerns arose after PWSA employees, without Veolia's knowledge, changed the chemicals designed to prevent corrosion and kept this information from Veolia for months," she wrote. Blake noted that "PWSA, through its board of directors, retained decision-making authority about all investment decisions regarding equipment and infrastructure." In an email to The Intercept, Veolia spokesperson Kristin Blake emphasized that lead issues were excluded from the company's work in Flint. "At Flint's direction, Veolia's analysis was focused on levels of disinfection byproducts (TTHM), discoloration, and taste-and-odor issues," she wrote. Yet, as the Michigan attorney general's suit pointed out, "According to Veolia's 2015 interim report, the only issue not in Veolia's scope of study was 'why the change from [Lake Huron water via the Detroit system pipeline] or the history of the utility.'" Blake also wrote that the official report from the Flint Water Advisory Task Force assigned the company no blame or responsibility for the current crisis. Blake did not provide comment on other lawsuits in the U.S. involving Veolia but added, "We seek to provide outstanding service to every one of our clients and have an outstanding track record of achievement."

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