Kishore Rajpurohit

last updated 4/25/2018

Kishore Rajpurohit

Executive Committee Member at Metal Recycling Association of India

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MRAI Metal Recycling Awareness Conference..... - ENGINEERING REVIEW

Among the distinguished speakers who presented their speech includes Sanjay Mehta, President, MRAI, Dhawal Shah, Vice President, MRAI, Dr. Kishore Rajpurohit, Executive Committee Member, MRAI, Mr. SubodhPanchal, Past President of IIF and Managing Partner of Kastwell Foundries, Mr S H Arjunwadkar, Chairman of IIF - NCTS, R.T. Kulkarni, Vice Chairman, GDC Tech Forum, Sunil Atravalkar, Consultant, Aluminium Recycling &Remelting etc.
Dr Kishore Rajpurohit, Executive Committee Member of MRAI and Director, SFC Global Commodities presented various issues like import duty on metal scrap, SAD (Special Additional Duty), FTA (Free trade agreements) with ASEAN countries, PSIC issues, inconsistent / wrong method of valuation of scrap by customs, non-clearance of scrap at all ports and exorbitant charges by shipping companies on scrap importers. He further elaborated about the progress of MRAI by taking up these issues faced by metal recyclers with the Ministry of Steel, Mines, MOEF, CBEC, Ministry of Commerce, DG Shipping and Ports by conducting several rounds of meetings with the concerned officials. He said that it has really helped its members minimise the transaction cost. He further stated that the government should accord industry status as we are all engaged in metal recycling activities in India. He said "The most recent issueis of TCS on domestic scrap trading, since now GST has been implemented, we are hopeful it will be scrapped in a few month's time.

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