Kim Hamilton

last updated 6/6/2018

Kim Scott Hamilton

International Marketing Representative at Bureau of Marketing , Promotion , & Grants

Bureau of Marketing , Promotion , & Grants

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International Marketing Representative - Illinois Department of Human Services

International Marketing Representative - Illinois Limited Liability Company

International Marketing Representative - Illinois Department of Agriculture

International Mark Repres. - Illinois Dept. Agriculture

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Chef and Grocer - Small businesses into Global trade - Chef and Grocer

"Our return on investment is 207 to 1," said Kim Hamilton, an international marketing representative for the Illinois Department of Agriculture.
Hamilton says the Americas Food and Beverage Show remains the best venue for companies eager to strike up export deals in the Western Hemisphere. "This is the largest food and beverage show that targets the western hemisphere. And since most of the exports are going though Miami because it's a leading distribution center, it makes sense, for them to participate in the show," she said.

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•Illinois Department of Agriculture - Kim Hamilton, International Marketing Representative

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Kim Hamilton
International Marketing Representative PO BOX 19281 Springfield, IL 62794-9281 Phone: (217) 782-5809 Fax: (217) 524-5960

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