Khalid Mandia

Khalid Mandia

District Commissioner at Simanjiro

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Among the officials present were the Simanjiro District Commissioner, Khalid Mandia, the Lengasiti Village Chairman Maninga Kutatoi and a representative from WVT Getachew Michael.The Naisinyai water project is the realization of the promise given to the local villagers by the former US envoy to Tanzania Robert Royall, when he visited Simanjiro District in February 2002 and learned of the problems which the residents were experiencing due to drought and lack of water.

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The district commissioner, Mr Khalid Mandia, has revealed that many families are already short of food and that they can be rescued if relief food is sent urgently.
e said the district recently received 601 tonnes of maize for distribution to the critically hit families but the stock was not enough The semi-arid district, which is inhabited predominantly by nomadic pastoralists, is often affected by food shortages during seasons of severe drought. This time around, much of the district did not receive sufficient rains which normally end at the beginning of May. Mr Mandia urged the Prime Minister's Office, which normally coordinates relief food supplies, to treat Simanjiro as a special disaster zone."It is very unfortunate that some areas in our district did not receive rains at all. This has impacted negatively on food production," he stated.

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District Commissioner, Khalid Mandia, made the remark during the one-day event that they would ensure that farmers have access to farm inputs according to the ecological zones.
Mandia urged the extension officers to give the farmers right information on how to boost production: "Effective use of farming tools and inputs is the best method for farmers to increase productivity in their fields..." On poor distribution system of farm inputs, he said: "This is among challenges that dwindles farmers' efforts towards increasing crop production in the country."

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