Kevin Fenzi

Kevin Fenzi

Doing Linux Consulting and System Administration at ltd

5400 Fossil Court North, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Company: ltd
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(970) 494-0400

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A day in the life of a Fedora Community - Kevin Fenzi,
Not-So-Secret Handshakes: Getting involved in a Linux distribution - Kevin Fenzi, Neal McBurnett (Neal's Talk) Fedora Extras - Kevin Fenzi,

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Meeting Topic: Linux And Laptops with Kevin Fenzi
How Linux works on laptops, including APM/ACPI power management, wireless networking, and how to choose a laptop thats Linux compatible and other pitfalls to running Linux on your laptop. Kevin Fenzi is the co-author of the Linux Security HOWTO, and has been using Linux both professionally and personally for almost 10 years. Kevin works for, LTD, a Linux consulting firm based in Fort Collins.

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A Linux Security Sampler with Kevin Fenzi
There are a number of new and exciting developments in Security in Linux, as well as tried and true systems and tactics. In this talk we will touch on some of the new Security developments out there (selinux, vpns, etc) and also go over some of the best things you can do to secure your networks and machines from threats (ssh, firewalls, updates, etc). Kevin's slides are here (PDF). Kevin has been working with Linux since 1995. He is the Co-Author of the Linux-Security-HOWTO. In 1999 he started building the KRUD distribution. Since 1999 he has been working for doing Linux consulting and System Administration.

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