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President at 10eMedia

10080 Alta Dr # 115, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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(702) 385-2500
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Last Updated 10/24/2017

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Columnist  - Las Vegas Business Press

Owner  - Tenney Media

Journalist  - News 3

President  - Kendall Tenney 5K Run


bachelor's degree  - broadcast journalism , Brigham Young University


Board Member  - Public Education Foundation

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Small Biz Power Podcast Archive | Nina Radetich

June 28, 2017This week on Small Biz Power, my buddy, Kendall Tenney, of 10eMedia, joins me in the co-host chair.[...]
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Building Wealth Beyond Wall Street | Nina Radetich

This week on Small Biz Power, my buddy, Kendall Tenney, of 10eMedia, joins me in the co-host chair.
Kendall: Which is unsettling for a parent. Kendall: That's beautiful, goosebumps, yeah. Kendall: Yeah, sure, but you're Facebook, you kind of run the world, so okay. Kendall: Yes, and I would prefer that they take that kind of approach. Nina: Yes, me too. Kendall: The building a better world approach, than we're taking over the world and there's nothing you can do about it. Kendall: It's building each other up, yeah. Kendall: Well, I think there are some positive aspects, and you just touched on some. Kendall: Well, the other side of it is this, is that I fear that rather than building this community that Mr. Zuckerberg is referring to, we're building silos, and a lot of them. Kendall: Totally agree with that, yeah. Kendall: Yeah, it is, but I think people feed that monster even further than the algorithm, by calling out people who just simply don't agree with them, which I find this so unsettling right now as a country. Kendall: Instantly there are polls out about whatever happens, and we have to have an opinion. Kendall: I've noticed that, yeah. Kendall: Yeah, I've noticed that, yeah. Kendall: That's really interesting. Kendall: Yeah, it can go sideways fast. Kendall: And for figuring out and understanding that it's really important not just to toot your horn, you're not using it just to toot your own horn, you're using it because as you said, those subjects, I wanted to know, yeah, which is better, buying or leasing a car, or how do I get some tax breaks? Kendall: Where can people go right now if they wanted to check out some of those videos? Kendall: That's fantastic, yeah. Kendall: Went out on top. Nina: Vicky says hi to me and Kendall, your wife. Kendall: Thank you, Vicky. Kendall: Ultimately, that's the difference you hear from so many successful people, is that it is putting in that extra effort and time that a lot of people just aren't willing to do. Kendall: What is the number one thing then that people could do to make sure that they're not as vulnerable if another financial crisis were to hit? Kendall: It's constantly measuring opportunity costs, economics 101, that's all I know. Kendall: I was thinking too, with what you do, I compare it to when I work with clients who are in the midst of some sort of crisis communications. Kendall: It's helping them see that paradigm shift. Kendall: I'd like to sign up for that. Kendall: Yeah, because if you had said it averaged 25%, I would say, "Oh easy, they have $12,500, right?" Nina: Right. Kendall: I did that right, huh? Kendall: I think a lot of people would say, I know you can't put a finite number on it, but when is enough enough in that account? Kendall: Yeah, and I notice you do say "when" and not "if", do you have a notion of it being a year, two years, 10 years, or is it you just know historically it's going to happen again? Kendall: It's interesting you say that, because I know all of us are probably in the same general age range where we remember grandparents- Kendall: I understand you're probably both younger than I am, I get that, okay? Can I go on? Nina: Go on, sorry. Kendall: I remember, you know our grandparents had been through the depression, mine had, and they did change a lot of what they did and how they spent and how they saved, because it impacted them so deeply. Kendall: You are a CPA. Kendall: That's what I always feel. Kendall: I love that. Kendall: He is, absolutely. Kendall: Yeah, that's very true. Kendall: I don't have a good Barbara, no. Kendall: I could do a Tom Brokaw. Kendall: Tonight, we'll talk with Anthony Faso. Kendall: What do you enjoy most? Kendall: That was a Shatner question. Kendall: Okay, go ahead. Sorry, no more. Kendall: This is a question that shows my lack of understanding of what you do, but what is your business model then? Kendall: Yeah, that's so critical too, because I think, you know I can speak on a personal level, I know that there are so many things that you just mentioned there that I don't have mapped out on a spreadsheet. Kendall: His eyes light up, his eyes literally light up when it's spreadsheets. Kendall: Yeah, it's great catching up with you. Kendall: Yes, yes, you did. Kendall: You shortened them, but they're still pretty complicated. Kendall: Now see, that would be awesome, yes. Kendall: I love it, I have learned so much tonight from Anthony. Kendall: Yeah, it's been great. Kendall: That was good. Nina: Yeah, good stuff. Kendall: That's fascinating.

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Team 10e - 10emedia

Kendall Tenney
Like | Kendall Tenney | May 15, 2015 | Team 10e A four-time Emmy award winner, Kendall Tenney brings 20 years of broadcast news experience to 10e Media. He anchored the #1 six pm Las Vegas newscast for more than a decade during which time he focused heavily on issues affecting children in Southern Nevada. Like | Kendall Tenney | May 15, 2015 | Team 10e Like | Kendall Tenney | May 10, 2015 | Team 10e

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