Ken Nash

Ken Nash

Counsel at Ramey & Schwaller LLP

5020 MONTROSE BLVD., SUITE 750, Houston, Texas, United States
HQ Phone:
(713) 426-3923
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last updated 11/12/2017

General Information


Consultant Drilling Fluids Coordinator  - JX NIPPON Exploration and production Qatar Ltd

Product Specialist for Hydraulic Brake Fluids  - The Dow Chemical Company


Engineer  - Halliburton Company

Drilling Advisor ( Fluids and Environment)  - BG Group plc

Technical Manager  - Petrochem Carless Limited

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Ken Nash
Ken Nash Counsel OFC: 713-426-3923 Ken Nash

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Ken Nash
ATTORNEYS Ken_Nash Ken Nash Counsel OFC: 713-426-3923 Mr. Nash has drafted many patent applications for prosecution by himself as well as for other patent law firms and patent law departments including large entities such as NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Naval Underwater Warfare Center, Naval Surface Warfare Center and Halliburton. Subject matter includes a wide range of devices: electromechanical, oil well equipment, valves, surgical procedures, heart pumps, catheters, downhole tools, coil tubing related devices, material analysis, radiation resistant hardware, ionized gas antennas, supercavitating vessels, fiber optic hydrophones, fuel cells, real and synthetic aperture sonar, synthetic oil extraction, battery cell balancing devices, and the like. Prior to becoming a lawyer Mr. Nash was an engineer with Halliburton for wireline equipment maintenance and training. He was internationally based for most of the twelve years he was with Halliburton.

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Ramey & Schwaller continues growth with the addition of Ken Nash
Leave a reply ken_nash_small Ramey & Schwaller is pleased to announce long time IP attorney Ken Nash has joined the firm in an Of Counsel role. Ken brings many years of experience in IP law from drafting patent applications for prosecution by himself as well as for patent law firms, and large entity patent law departments such as NASA, Haliburton, and Naval Underwater Warfare Center to name a few.

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