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Kate Milsom Hawkins

Course Tutor In Graphic Design at Lambeth College

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Artist, Next Artist - The Kilvert Gallery

Galanthus Gallery

Raymond Loewy International


fine art , The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

fine art , Oxford Brookes University


Active Member - The Kilvert Gallery

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Galanthus Gallery and Cafe - KateMilsom Hawkins details

Kate Milsom Hawkins
Galanthus Gallery and Cafe - KateMilsom Hawkins details Kate Milsom Hawkins Kate studied fine art at Oxford Brookes University and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Graduating in 1992 she moved back to her native London, where for a time she slipped into the world of graphic design and illustration, working for Raymond Loewy International, and subsequently becoming Course Tutor in Graphic Design at Lambeth College. She moved to the Welsh borders in 1995, initially for three months, to concentrate once again on her painting, and has so far stayed for over 10 years. She exhibits her work at the Kilvert Gallery, Clyro where she has also been an active member of the 'Kilvert in Venice' art expeditions. In addition to her Fine Art practice Kate has continued working as a tutor, graphic designer and illustrator, and produced a series of illustrations for 'Euphonics - A Poets Dictionary of Sound' written by John Michel and published by Wooden Books. The inclusive attitude Kate takes to all aspects of the 'creative life' informs her painting, where she is equally interested in the chemical processes of pigments, glazes and surface textures as she is in the more painterly concerns of space, light and form. Manipulating the surface by building layers of thin coloured glazes, her work, whilst often seemingly abstract, reveals ephemeral remnants of landscapes and interiors.

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The Kilvert Gallery

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The Kilvert Gallery Kate Milsom Hawkins

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KINNERSLEY artist Kate Milsom Hawkins has been living in Venice for the past three months, creating a new body of work for exhibition in the spring show at The Galanthus Gallery, Wormbridge, which opens this Saturday.

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