Karen Aagesen

Karen Aagesen

Member, Bowling Association Board of Directors at Flint Women

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Engraver Position - Frame Awards


Atherton High School


Board Member - Flint Women's Bowling Association

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Flint-area bowling: 18-year-old shatters Galaxy record with 847 series

t Karen Aagesen, a former record holder as a junior, bowled her first 300 game in Owosso in the Women's State 600 Club Tournament, Aagesen succeeded in the doubles portion of the competition, helping her and partner Mary Moore to the actual championship. "I couldn't have done it without Mary Moore, she calmed me down in the 10th frame," Aagesen said. "I was so excited my legs were wobbly," Aagesen said."It was hard to bowl the last two games, but I held it out to get a 700 series and 900." Aagesen and Moore also finished fifth in the handicap standings with 1,817. "It was really hard to hold the line because the lanes were hooking so much," Aagesen said."The 11th strike was wide Brooklyn.Then I was really nervous." Aagesen's career high series remains 774 which she posted in 1990, at the time the area record for junior girls. She joins Stephanie Tipton as the only women owning 300 games this season. Aagesen is a member of the Flint Women's Bowling Association board of directors. t Colonial Lanes witnessed a record performance by the Crane Furniture team in the Men's House League.

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Karen Aagesen uses two forearm crutches to get around the home built more than 35 years ago by her father.
The 41-year-old Aagesen began using the crutches more than a year ago due to complications from multiple sclerosis, a disease affecting the central nervous system that has caused Aagesen to give up her passion for bowling. "She's a fantastic young lady, she's got a heart of gold," said Mary Porzondek, 62, a Grand Blanc resident who calls Aagesen her adopted daughter. Aagesen grew up in Burton, graduating from Atherton High School. Both of her parents died before she turned 18 years old, her father from a heart attack and mother of cancer. An avid bowler, Aagesen once carried a 209 average, bowled a 300 game in 2001 and formerly served as director of the Flint Women's Bowling Association but she quit the game because of potential injury to herself. "I would kind of stagger," said Aagesen of early symptoms. "(I was) a little off, walking to the side and the eye was a little blurry, the left one. That's what actually sent me to the doctor." When doctors gave her the diagnosis in 2004, she was in shock. "Totally devastated," said Aagesen of receiving the news. "With a diagnosis like that...you don't know what your future holds." She takes medication daily to help with spasticity, or rigidness, of her muscles, nerve pain and a monthly injection of the drug Tysabri to try and stem the tide of the progressive disease that attacks the central nervous system. Aagesen recalled one story, during her first set of clinical rotations in Clarkston, of a patient she helped dealing with the same ailment. "At the time, I wasn't showing any symptoms or anything. She just started crying and said she wished they just knew some days she can't do it," said Aagesen. "She looked at me and said you know. We discussed it a little bit. It just picked up her spirits that somebody really knew what she was going through rather than just learning it in a book." While not offering her story unless asked about it by patients, Aagesen said it's motivated some patients she worked with to give her a little extra. "Being open and discussing problems with them...it kind of made them a little more receptive and some of them worked a little harder for me," she said. "It really did have a positive impact on quite a few people." Aagesen, who's held an engraver position at A Frame Awards in Flint for 19 years, has submitted references for positions in the area following her certification approval this month, but she's had no luck in landing a position at this time. "I just want to say that disabled people can contribute and make a meaningful difference in this community if given the chance," she said.

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