Karambir Sira

last updated 4/10/2018

Karambir Singh Sira

Salesperson at Save Max Real Estate Inc

6755 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
HQ Phone:
(905) 459-7900

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Karambir Sira
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Agent Sira just sent Karan an invoice for $9,492, representing $8,400 in commission (3% of the sale price) plus $1,092 in HST.
In other words, if Karan were to make an offer on any house in the entire region of Kitchener at any time during this 40-day period, then Karambir Sira expects to be paid, whether he is involved in the deal or not. This BRA also stipulates that the compensation Sira can expect is 3%, plus tax, of the price paid. If K found a house and used another agent, who was paid by the seller, then Sira would also expect payment - but this time from the buyer. Ditto for a FSBO deal. Well, I emailed Mr. Sira, of Save Max Real Estate Inc., to get his side of the story. No reply. So I called. "I will not be responding to your email," he said, "because I spoke with my broker of record and this is a private matter, between me and the buyer. I have no idea if agent Sira explained this evil document to the buyer, or not. But he did cast a wide net, saying he would be compensated not just in one deal, but in any deal for any house in an entire city for over a month.

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