Kamal Haddad

last updated 10/19/2017

Kamal J. Haddad

Chief Executive Officer at Health Mobius LLC

600 Joliet Rd., Suite M, Willowbrook, Illinois, United States
HQ Phone:
(630) 325-0007

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Position, Audit, Tax, Business Start-Ups - PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

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Kamal J. Haddad, CPA
Chief Executive Officer Kamal J. Haddad, CPA, has an extensive background in accounting, finance, marketing and overall managerial expertise. Mr. Haddad's background includes audit, tax, business start-ups and due diligence experience for Coopers & Lybrand as well as in his own private practice and personal business ventures for 18 years. Most recently, he has worked with primary care physicians to establish Internet-based wellness programs, and for the last two years has computerized the NIH Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation, and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults as well as other Internet applications for Health Mobius. Mr. Haddad is the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Health Mobius.

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E-Commerce: Where the Customers Are -- HME Business

Seniors are only too happy to buy online, says Kamal Haddad, CPA, founder and CEO of Health Mobius LLC, a company specializing in e-commerce for the HME marketplace.
"Your existing customer is out there buying these cash sale items anyway," he says, adding that most retail transactions are either happening entirely online or at least involving online research. "What we're trying to do, even though we are an e-commerce company, is we're trying to rephrase it into the cash register or point of sale in providers' hands," Haddad explains. "It's more consistent with the retail mentality. It's the same product at the end of the day."

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The Distributed Provider -- HME Business

Kamal J. Haddad, CEO and Founder of Health Mobius, says that more important than the mix of cash sale items is the company's ability to provide these items in a turnkey, all-inclusive, fully managed web store that is branded for the HME customer.
"Our customers are not interested in becoming e-commerce experts and taking on the web 'stuff' - they want someone to do it for them so they can focus on their core business," Haddad says. According to Haddad, the key benefits of using this turnkey service include: To support the turnkey program, Haddad says his company has partnered with web marketers to assist customers in promoting their business and web store to existing and potential patients, members and clients. He says they can add SEO, Google AdWords, merchant reviews, social media and blog post services. These add-on services range from $100 to $500 per month. When it comes to selling funded products on this turnkey program, Haddad says he is still trying to figure out the best strategy. "It is still a challenge to sell funded items through a web store," he says. For providers considering turnkey services, Haddad advises, "Do your homework. Assess your options. Take the most profitable path with the least resistance.

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