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Justin A. Flunder

High Performance Leadership Consultant and Coach at Justin Flunder

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High Performance Leadership Consultant and Coach  - Change Agent Leader at The Flundonian Group

Founder  - The Flundonian Group

Founder  - Master Mentoring Group

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Partner with Justin and design a specific talk or training day that will target your focus areas
Partner with Justin and design a specific talk or training day that will target your focus areas. Copyright © Justin Flunder, Developed by C.A.W.D.

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Justin specializes in personal and professional leadership, offering affordable coaching packages to individuals and organizations.
Justin delivers results because he employs practical research-based strategies designed to meet the specific needs of the individual or organization. Justin coaches individuals through his step-by-step course utilizing his Change Agent Leadership™ Principles. Justin applies his Change Agent Leadership Principles to the specific needs of the individual, team, or organization. Justin designs a personal life map which acts as a guide to direct you to meet your specific needs. He offers additional contact throughout the coaching process through the utilization of his seminars/workshops, practical resources, tele-classes, and ezine which allow individuals to grow and develop their Change Agent attributes from the comfort of their home. Work with Justin to "Empower Your Life By Design" and witness the following benefits: Copyright © Justin Flunder, Developed by C.A.W.D.

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Justin A. Flunder
Justin A. Flunder is a passionate person who founded Change Agent Leadership™. Justin is an educator that is dedicated to leading Next Generation Leaders with the necessary skills and tools to lead themsleves and others through service. Justin is the Change Agent Leader of the Flundonian Group (Flun-doan-ian), the Change Agent Company that specializes in the areas of personal and professional leadership and organizational change. Justin's faith has inspired him to study all aspects of leadership applying timeless leadership principles to both secular and Christian audiences. Justin has learned from the best, personally being mentored by leadership expert John Maxwell and his team. Justin teaches John Maxwell programs to organizations and churches teaching people how to connect with their inner leader creating positive results throughout the individual, team, and organization. Justin's educational background consists of teaching (B. of Ed) and instructing as a Master teacher (Masters of Leaderhship). He has delivered curriculum, workshops and seminars for professionals over the past ten years and he is currently working on his PH. D in Christian Leadership. Justin has hosted his own Talk Radio Show called "The Change Agent" where he has applied his knowledge and experience to people around the globe. Justin's extensive experience with developing educational programs, as a result of working with under performing individuals, has lead him to construct his new and relevant ways to inspire and teach others. "I observed myself, friends, colleagues, and organizations struggle with the inability to lead themselves which resulted in a lack of fulfillment and aided in a dysfunctional culture." Justin's evidence-based research in studying the Next Generation Leaders has opened his eyes to a need for developing leadership for tomorrow, today. Being a father of Millennials has prompted him to study in-depth this generation so that he can better serve his children and young leaders throughout the world. Justin has created the process EQUIPE in order to be successful and relevant with next Generation Leaders.. His educational background in the area of Leadership, Change, Human Development and the art of effective teaching has provided him with the foundation to share his expertise and specialize in personal and professional leadership. As a Master teacher, Justin is known to institute practical hands-on strategies which he delivers in dynamic keynote presentations, workshops, seminars and consulting programs meeting the needs of his audience. His presentations provide individuals, schools, campuses, churches, and organizations with specific, practical and hands-on knowledge of how to thrive and succeed as everyday Change Agent Leaders. Justin's success with Personal Leadership has prompted him to create The Flundonian Institute of Leadership. Justin shares his knowledge and passion for teaching with individuals of all generations. He employs research-based knowledge combined with practical success strategies and shows every individual how to achieve The Three Pillars of Change Agent Leadership™: The Power of Truth, The Power of Intention, and The Power of Relationships. Justin's ability to teach the skills neccessary for others to transform lives through the process of differentiating instruction is what makes his delivery unique. As a trainer & facilitator, Justin designs specific half-day, full-day, two-day, and three-day events and focused retreats. Justin has the interpersonal skills and know how not only to lead for short term change and goal orientated processes, but also long term mentorship and continuous support. Copyright © Justin Flunder, Developed by C.A.W.D.

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