Julian Tepper

Julian Tepper

Critical Analyst and Emender-at-Large at Legal Aid Society

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416 W. MUHAMMAD ALI BLVD., Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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(502) 584-1254

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President  - Julian Tepper Show

Litigation and Other Law-Related Assistance (Preparation, Discovery, Research, Writing, Editing)  - Jerry Walz and Associates

Director  - NLADA National Law Office


Columbia Law School


Founder  - SettleYourBill

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Julian Tepper Radio Show to Feature Interview of U.S. Rep.
WASHINGTON ? AIM editor Cliff Kincaid will join WTNT-AM radio host Julian Tepper for a Saturday evening June 18 on-air interview of Rep.

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Guest Column | By Julian Tepper | October 5, 2004 An attorney, Julian Tepper is the host of the Julian Tepper Show on AM 570 WTNT in Washington, D.C., Saturday, 8 to 10 PM, featuring a "Talk Back to the News" segment with Cliff Kincaid of AIM.

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SettleYourBill was created by Julian Tepper, a 1965 graduate of Columbia Law School and the holder of a post-graduate Dip.Crim. from Cambridge University in England.He is married and has five children. While a trial attorney with the United States Department of Justice, Mr. Tepper handled school desegregation cases in Indianapolis, Texas and Florida, and cases that ended racial discrimination in the trucking industry and several building unions. Later, as director of the NLADA National Law Office, he and his team won the Constitutional right for children mentally retarded or with other learning disabilities to an education suited to their needs.He and his staff also brought an end to horrible and unconstitutional conditions in state institutions warehousing mentally-retarded residents and in jails and prisons throughout the United States (including Maryland's famous "Clockwork Orange" facility, the Patuxent Institution for Defective Delinquents). In 1971, Mr. Tepper was a negotiator at the Attica State Prison (New York) and District of Columbia Jail uprisings and inmate takeovers.He also directed the District of Columbia's civil poverty law program, after which he entered private practice in 1974. The idea for SettleYourBill (SYB) came to Mr. Tepper several years ago while he was fighting a long battle with and recovering from heart ailments, cancer and an almost-fatal staph infection he caught in a hospital.While he was convalescing from six operations administered over a three-and-a-half month period, he saw that some of the medical bills did not correspond with the treatment that he received.It didn't take long to find out that the billing offices of some of the doctors and hospitals were not exactly eager to correct their "mistakes."He learned since that many other patients experienced similar problems.So he set out to deal with it.And, that's just what he did. Mr. Tepper was recently apprised of a Consumer Reports study on hospital care, according to which billing errors are rampant.Mr. Tepper's medical treatment bills amounted to well into in six figures.In dealing with the ones that were wrong, it helped that he was a lawyer.He found that battling the creditors was time consuming, but he also found it therapeutic during his convalescence to develop effective and legal ways to get fair treatment, to avoid unnecessary expenditures and save a lot of money, all while protecting his credit rating. And, the idea of using the Internet to help others do the same crossed his mind.After a healthy period of consideration and planning, Mr. Tepper created SettleYourBill, whose purpose is not to provide legal services (or to charge high fees), but to try to do for others what he was able to do for himself.

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