Josh Grillo

last updated 12/22/2017

Josh Grillo

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce Manager at Kerstin Florian International

20492 Crescent Bay Dr. Ste. 100, Lake Forest, California, United States
HQ Phone:
(949) 595-4300

General Information


Consultant - World Emergency Relief Ltd

Founder and Chief Executive Officer - Trade Show Halo

Founder, Chief Executive Officer - Attivia Consulting Inc.


Member - Platinum Coast - BNI

Recent News  

Attivia Keynote at Platinum Coast BNI

Josh Grillo, CEO for Attivia, presents a keynote presentation at Platinum Coast BNI on some of the new changes the company has made.
By: Josh Grillo

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World Emergency Relief

Josh Grillo
IT, Owner - Attivia

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About Us | Orange County SEO and Web Design | Attivia | Orange County SEO and Web Design | Attivia

Founded in 2009 by Josh Grillo, Attivia has grown to be one of the most innovative and artistic SEO and Web Design companies for all of Orange County.
In difficult economic times Josh realized that so many companies out there needed a way to increase revenue and new customers without spending crazy amounts of money on marketing.

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