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Joseph Lagu

Chief at Anya Nya

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President  - High Executive Council of the Southern Sudanese Autonomous Regional Assembly


Dr Lam Akol  - 

MA  - Agricultural Economics , Iowa State University

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Advisor  - Transport

Founder  - The SSLM

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The agreement, signed by Sudanese President Jaafar Muhammad Numeiry and Joseph Lagu of the Anya Nya (a southern Sudanese rebellion movement), ended the First Sudanese Civil War.

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October 1969 Colonel Joseph Lagu forms the Anya-Nya High Command Council.
July 1971 Joseph Lagu convenes a conference which brings together southern Sudanese military and political leaders. This conference sees the formation of the 'Southern Sudan Liberation Movement'. Lagu emerges as the recognised leader of rebel forces in southern Sudan. Lagu issues a policy statement in which, among other things, he states: "(A)s far as the Southern Sudanese are concerned, it is well recorded in history that our attitude has always been to find a peaceful solution to the Southern cause. Joseph Lagu is appointed a major-general in the Sudanese army and commanding officer for the Southern Command in Juba. Nimeiri appoints Joseph Lagu as the new President of the High Executive Council of southern Sudan. While acknowledging that there was pressure from northern politicians and political groups to divide southern Sudan, Africa Now confirms that there also southern pressure from people such as Joseph Lagu: "Lagu has been pushing the idea of division for over a year now, arguing that regionalism and a division into the three provinces would serve the interests of the smaller ethnic groups; it would also help to break what Lagu sees as the political hegemony of the largest single group in the South, the Dinka. n February last year, Lagu was complaining about ethnicism in the South, organising discussion groups to talk about division, and public demonstrations.Lagu himself.[published] a pamphlet entitled 'Decentralisation - a necessity for the South'". Joseph Lagu was subsequently appointed Vice-President of Sudan.

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Before I joined the Anya Nya Movement, I went to the camp of General Joseph Lagu, the Commander of the Anya Nya to brief me about the objectives of his movement.
From his briefings it was clear that his Movement was a separatist movement. Joseph Lagu was therefore taken into the National Army as a Major General, Abel Alier as a Minister and I was absorbed into the Sudan Army. This man surrendered it to General Joseph Lagu in Juba and one of our officers Kamilo was arrested in Lobone.

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