Jose Garcia

Jose Garcia

Owner at Green Scene Irrigation & Landscaping

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Jose Garcia was hired to do a lighting project for my back deck, as he had excellent references in the outdoor lighting space.
While here, he volunteered to fix a particularly disastrous flower bed for free, just to show what his team was capable of. The results were amazing, and I realized that perhaps it was time to step up from self maintenance - after all, I'm not a professional, and don't have the time to become one. Jose was called back to the property, and we spent ages just talking through ideas - designs, plans, changes, everything..... Green Scene does it all for me now, and I know whenever I need something it's one text message away. Jose and his team handle everything for me, including lights, underground sprinkler (and head placement), gravel, new bush and tree and selection and planting, seeding, re-soding, mulch, disease maintenance, and more. He has always listened to me ("Make sure it's a low maintenance plant" or "I want this to fill in very deeply") and came back with very creative solutions! Now, I was scared that I had unleashed a financial nightmare, but it actually turned out to be the opposite case! I have SAVED money by using Green Scene! Jose has lowered the cost of maintenance vs the local big-box store and my own work, but more importantly, he has INCREASED my property value due to his stunning work. Time is now free to sit out at the BBQ, play with the kids, and enjoy my beautifully maintained property! Mitch - Spring Hill TN This letter is my personal recommendation for Jose Garcia owner of Green Scene Irrigation and Landscaping. I have known Jose Garcia since May Of 2006. Jose started doing side jobs at my home. I’m very content I met Jose, the day I hired him to take care of the maintenance at my first restaurant I stopped worrying about it. Being a general manager for restaurants I’m always busy and stressed but Green Scene is always there when they say they are going to be there and that’s a big relief. I always know that the landscaping and lawn is going to look beautiful. Also, I don’t have to worry about there being a broken sprinkler or a broken light he is constantly making sure everything is working properly. It is without reservation that I write this letter of recommendation for Green Scene Landscaping, a corporation based in Mid-Tennessee and owned by Mr. Jose Garcia. In December 2009, my wife, Nancy, and I purchased a newly constructed home in Chapel Hill, TN. We paid top dollar to have sod, plants and trees and irrigation installed on a parcel that is about three quarters of an acre. Unfortunately we were not referred to Mr. Garcia and had major problems with the sod and irrigation system. Then we had the good fortune of being referred to Mr. Garcia. Unlike the other contractors we had dealt with, Mr. Garcia was a soft-spoken gentleman who was very professional. After inspecting our landscape, he was able to troubleshoot problems and provide a detailed, written bid to correct each problem, and also to stain our rear deck. His bid was very fair and reasonable. We decided to give Mr. Garcia the tough job of fixing what could best be described as a landscape disaster. Mr. Garcia rose to the challenge and did everything he said he would. By the end of the summer 2010, we had a beautiful green lawn and landscape that was thriving. In November 2010, Mr. Garcia winterized and turned off the irrigation. Mr. Garcia exceeded our expectations and proved that he is a trained, skilled professional landscaper who has integrity and takes pride in his work. He and his team worked hard in extreme heat and did not let the heat affect their work. This coming spring, we will be looking to Mr. Garcia to install outdoor lighting and a pea gravel driveway. Also, he will be doing routine landscape maintenance. In summary, if you are looking for a skilled, trained, hard working landscaper with integrity, my wife and I would strongly recommend Jose Garcia.

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