Jorge Mario Sanchez

Economist and Researcher At the Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy at University of Havana

708 - 207 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
University of Havana
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Dr. Jorge Sanchez, University of Havana

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Cuban Scholars Share Lessons of a Changing Economy | The Havana Note

Jorge Mario Sanchez, an economist and prolific researcher at the University of Havana's Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy, addressed why these changes are needed now - I loved his Pac-Man metaphor, a Cuba fat from consumption but not producing enough to sustain itself - and reminded us why they have been so slow.
These changes, unlike those emergency measures taken in the 1990's, are here to stay, so there's an abundance of caution. This of course means revising new rules quite a lot and essentially "learning by doing. But, Sanchez notes, the goal is 35% of the labor force shifted to the non-state sector in the next few years - not an insignificant shift.

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"There's an agenda for change," says economist Jorge Mario Sánchez, a professor at the University of Havana's Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy.
The mother-daughter duo (Lourdes I and Lourdes II), who asked that their last names not be used because they still fear the power of the Communist government, exemplify the changes that are transforming economic and social life in Cuba. They have been preparing to rent their room since last fall, about a year after the tightly-controlled central government declared intentions to relax restrictions and open a wider portion of the economy to low-level capitalism. Sanchez said the changes are deliberately slow. "We have to build a new Cuban economy step-by-step, correcting what we are doing every day," Sánchez says. But, says Sánchez, "The value of the peso is going down and down."

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