Jonathan Chomicz

Jonathan Chomicz

ECM and PECM Technology Leader at EMAG L.L.C.

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38800 Grand River, Farmington, Michigan, United States
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(248) 875-0313

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ECM and PECM Technology Leader - Thermatool Corp

ECM Product and Technology Manager - EMAG AG

Regional Sales Manager and Automation Product Management - Fastems LLC

National Sales and Marketing Manager - EUROMAC / METAL-FINISH & FMT-NE

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However, Jonathan Chomicz, a technology specialist for German machine tool builder Emag, notes that an alternate, non-contact machining process can be more productive for these applications.
This process combines an electrochemical machining (ECM) roughing operation and a precision electrochemical machining (PECM) finishing operation on the Emag PO 900 BF machine platform. Mr. Chomicz says ECM/PECM offers 10- to 30-percent faster cycle times than conventional five-axis machining of blades and blisks, does not create burrs, and achieves fine surface finishes to 0.05 Ra. Both ECM and PECM remove metal through electrolysis, whereby the conductive workpiece is the positive anode and the tool is the negative cathode. The DC charge that crosses the electrolyte-flushed gap between the two causes the molecular erosion of the workpiece. Thermally neutral, the ECM/PECM processes can effectively machine the otherwise challenging-to-mill materials that comprise blades and blisks with no recast layer and minimal tool wear. In fact, it's not unusual for tools commonly made from brass or 304 stainless steel to produce 4,000 to 5,000 parts during a production run, Mr. Chomicz says. Accurate monitoring and adjustment of voltage, current and electrolyte flow offer optimal process stability, Mr. Chomicz says, while an electrolyte management system ensures that electrolyte properties such as pH, conductance, temperature and purity remain constant.

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Jonathan Chomicz (Eastern US Regional Sales Manager)Mobile: +1 860 997 4705

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