John Perry

John Perry

Head Coach at Notre Dame

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Hardware and Software Tester (Contractor) - Nexsan Technologies Inc

Varsity Girls Softball Coach - Seward High School

Field Technician (Contractor) - NCR Corporation

Customer Service Technician (Contractor) - Med One Medical

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Alternatives to War: Increasing Our Peacemaking Abilities 2003

Before I ask John Perry and ... the Cypsers - Isn't that who that is over there?
John Perry would you like to come up now and tell us what is going on in AVP - and then Rudy Cypser - take about three minutes each. This is John Perry who has come from a long way. He used to be a member of Wilton Friends Meeting and now lives in upstate Connecticut. John Perry: I really should devote all of my time to letting Rudy Cypser talk - his experience is vast. John Perry: I would like to add another exercise to those that John described. You can imagine the differences that John mentioned. John had become a clinical psychologist in private practice and also taught at Notre Dame. We went out for beer together and he said,

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John Perry is the girls softball coach at Notre Dame High School, he also spent the morning on Champlain Avenue rooting his players on who run the race, "if they see us, they know they're almost there, they're coming down the homestretch."

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Keaton Perry was called for throwing illegal pitches on two different occasions, and Notre Dame coach Jon Perry was ejected from the game in the bottom of the fifth for arguing the second illegal pitch call.
With Notre Dame leading 1-0 early in the game, Jon Perry argued Brefka shouldn't have been working the game because he was behind the plate in the Falcons' split-class final win over Little Falls on Wednesday. "From what I've been told, he can't work the same team two games in a row," Perry said. On the illegal pitches, Jon Perry said Brefka told him Keaton Perry was lifting her right foot off the pitching rubber and moving it forward before throwing the ball. Jon Perry's absence might have rattled the Jugglers because he calls the pitches and the responsibility then fell to freshman catcher Delaney Tierney. Notre Dame rallied after Jon Perry left the field, getting out of a bases-loaded jam with one out in the fifth. "We made more mistakes today," said Jon Perry of his team's three errors.

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