Jon Knoles

Jon Knoles

Design Director at Microsoft

4616 25Th Avenue NE #522, Seattle, Washington, United States

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Member, Lucas' Gaming Division  - LucasArts , Inc.

LucasArts Developer  - Bounty Hunter

Artist On Indiana Jones  - Taito Software Inc.

Design Director  - Nihilistic Software Inc

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Jon Knoles
Jon Knoles Design Director

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1. TechTV "The Screen Savers" from November 7, 2002 featured Jon Knoles of LucasArts discussing the game.
2. TechTV "Extended Play" from November 22, 2002 reviewed the game.

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Jon Knoles
Nihilistic Software Jon Knoles Design Director 19 years in the games industry, over 20 shipped titles on consoles & PC. After graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle in 1989, Jon was hired by Taito Software Inc. as an artist on Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (NES), which Taito was developing for George Lucas' game company, LucasArts, then known as Lucasfilm Games. Jon spent the next 14 years with LucasArts, shipping over 20 titles on PC and consoles in roles ranging from Artist/Animator to Project Leader and Director. Highlights include the Super Star Wars trilogy for SNES, the X-Wing and TIE Fighter series (PC), Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire and Star Wars: Episode I - Racer (N64, PC), Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (PS2, NCG) and Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (PS2, Xbox). From 2004 to 2008, Jon was Creative Director at Sandblast Games, a THQ studio in Kirkland, Washington (formerly known as Cranky Pants Games), where he worked on Evil Dead: Regeneration (PS2, XBox) and Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon (PS3, XBox 360).

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