Jon Ballentine

Jon Ballentine

PC Service and Repair Manager at Geek Easy Computers

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420 N. Church St. Suite 1, Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
HQ Phone:
(269) 548-8324

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Certified Desktop Support Technician and HDI Support Center Analyst Certifications - Microsoft Corporation

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Meet the Geeks | Computer Repair in Kalamazoo

Jon Ballentine,
PC Service and Repair Manager Jon never used computers much as a small child. By the time he received one it was just another toy to be enjoyed in Kalamazoo suburbia. But you see, he was a curious child and would regularly dismantle and reassemble electronic toys, much to the displeasure of his parents. They were soon relieved when he spent more time making his own creations out of any mechanical material he could scavenge. is desire to analyze then create started him down a path of sculpting that ended a associates degree from Kendall College of Art. However, his desire to build, improve and explore the workings of electronics carried on into his professional education. Disgusted with formal education methods he decided to pursue Microsoft certifications on his own time. He currently holds his Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician and HDI Support Center Analyst certifications in addition to CompTIA A+ certification. uring his deep study period he worked at Applied Intellect while preparing to take the The Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator test. With the birth of a beautiful baby girl much of his study time was replaced with helping her explore her new world, he continues to study for Microsoft server certifications when the princess allows. He has officially worked in the Information Technology profession as a contractor for four years. The most notable business being Bronson, Metro health hospital and Western Michigan University. hen his previous coworkers approached him with an opportunity to join the ranks at Geek Easy It was an easy answer.

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