Jonny Shipes

Jonny Shipes

Assistant, Scott at Cinematic Music Group

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Producer of The Year At Underground Music Awards - 2012


Club Founder - The Smoker's Club Inc

Founder - The Legendary Purple City

Co-Founder - GFCnewyork

Founder - Shiest Bubz

Founder - Steven..

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Daily Chiefers | Hip Hop's Most Successful Pothead: An interview with Jonny Shipes!

Hip Hop's Most Successful Pothead: An interview with Jonny Shipes!
We recently chopped it up with one of Hip Hop's most successful potheads, Jonny Shipes. If you don't already know, Shipes is a pioneer in the independent music world and the founder of Cinematic Music Group. Not only has he helped launch the careers of your favorite underground talent like Smoke DZA, Nipsey Hussle, Big K.R.I.T. and Joey Bad$$, Shipes is also hilarious. Daily Chiefers: How'd you take Smokers Club from just an idea to a full-fledged brand, which includes the tours, clothing, and the blog? Jonny Shipes: I did it with a lot of help. Jonny Shipes: No question, it was for sure the Juicy J tour with young Joey Bada$$ [he was 16 years old], Fat Trel and the Slutty Boys, Smoke DZA, Shortstop who was our homie from Cali, and Spitta I believe. That was the most incredible tour, Juicy had just put out "Bands A Make Her Dance" and we were selling out every venue, we had to start getting bigger venues! There were thousands of kids coming out to see him; it was the moment when he really broke out in his solo career. Jonny Shipes: [Laughs] First off I want to say I love Nip, shout out to him, he's a great dude. We've been through a whole lot together, good and bad, lots of laughs. He's my brother and when I heard that line, to me, it was just the truth. He was really in the streets heavy and it took a lot to get him out and focused on music. He was so good, so talented; he needed to be out of the streets. Look at him now he's such a great artist and businessman. Opening up different stores in his neighborhood, giving back to his community, he deserves everything he's getting. Jonny Shipes: What my videos were inspired by was comedy. Jonny Shipes: [Laughs] No, it's a kid named ExtraLoudPack, although people have hit me and asked if that's me. It's funny I would love to take credit for it but he's a young kid from Harlem. We're probably going to develop him because his stuff is fire and he's the homie. Jonny Shipes: At first Kosta interned for me and had everyone in our office wearing these FELT hoodies, tees, and hats. I always thought, damn this stuff is fire. I asked him what FELT was and he told me it was his clothing brand. Jonny Shipes: It's different; it took me a few years to gain my footing on this new shit. Jonny Shipes: Well Cam is damn near my favorite artist ever. Hip Hop's Most Successful Pothead: An interview with Jonny Shipes!

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Flipp Dinero - Cinematic Music Group

After first gaining recognition in 2016 for his features on The Smokers Club's "Smoke2This" mixes, Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero caught the eye of Joey Bada$$ and Cinematic Music Group's Jonny Shipes.
Having realized Flipp's potential, he signed to Cinematic shortly after. With the support of Joey and the Pro Era collective, he started off 2017 strong releasing his first single "I Do", premiered by Complex. Flipp has been featured on Spotify's popular hip hop playlist "Most Necessary" over five times, garnering nearly a million plays on the track between Spotify and Soundcloud platforms alone.

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