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The Bud Angst Report » Blog Archive » Pine Grove JTA-Council Squabble Over Water Service Extenion

"If we can get the water to go with the sewer," says John Stahl, chairman of the JTA, "it is the best of all worlds."This time, however, Hesser is up against an equally determined opponent: Stahl, the JTA chairman, who has a counter-punch for each of Hesser's blows. To the claim that the borough does not have enough water to meet the Route 443 demand, Stahl replies the borough has far more than enough water to meet the increased demand."70,000 gallons a day would do the job," he says, "and more than that is available."Stahl points to the Guilford Mills plant in Pine Grove which formerly consumed 28 million gallons of the town's water each month.As a result of downsizing and internal modernization, the plant now uses only 15 million gallons. "So there is more than enough water available to serve the Route 443 businesses," Stahl avers.Noting that Hesser claims to be "protecting the borough," Stahl asks, "What is she protecting them from?Progress?"To which Stahl responds by claiming that the income from the proposed new customers will more than cover the cost of servicing the debt. "You calculate how much revenue you would generate from the customer base down there, and you find that would justify borrowing the money," Stahl says."It would be self-liquidating.The revenue would be more than enough to support the cost of operation and to retire the debt.That's how you build these systems," he says.Stahl admits that Tuesday's meeting with the prospective customers - the owners of the businesses currently located near the interchange and the developers planning new businesses in the vicinity - was arranged to let Holden, Allen and others "know how things stand so they can officially lend their support to the effort.""Look what has already happened since the sewer line project was begun," Stahl says."The Pat Aungst project, 94 lots in the borough, would have been impossible because there were no sewer hookups to be had." Aungst has underway a residential development, partially in both the borough and Pine Grove Township."Just with the little bit we've done so far," Stahl adds, "huge changes are taking place." In response to fears that the water table, the underground level from which the borough draws its water, will not support the additional demand, Stahl says, "The people in Harrisburg, the hydrologists, have made the statement that there is enough water in this aquifer to supply all of eastern Pennsylvania."The addition of new water customers from the interchange area, Stahl adds, would not even require additional water storage on the part of the borough. "The current storage in the tanks is more than sufficient to supply any conceivable demand," he says."We used to be able to supply much more to Guilford Mills, so we wouldn't have to make any changes." Stahl is optimistic, however, that the on-going conflict will be resolved in the JTA's favor.

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- Reichert and Lehman met with Pine Grove Township's Joint Treatment Authority member, John Stahl, on Sept. 4 to discuss the area where the old sewer plant is located.

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