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John Snelling

last updated 2/27/2018

John Snelling

Global Head of Seed Supply - Biennials at Nunhems B.V

6080 AA, Haelen, Limburg, Netherlands
Nunhems B.V

General Information


Stock Seed Specialist - Large Seed - Seminis Inc

Global Large Seed Crop Placement and Stock Seed Specialist - Monsanto Company

Recent News  

The Idaho Wheat Commission

"Please understand; I'm not anti-biotechnology, but you're having a very real, negative impact on our business," said John Snelling of Seminis Vegetable Seeds."Everything we raise is a specialty crop," Snelling explained."Often, we raise something for a specific customer.If he rejects the shipment, we may not have an alternative market. "The Treasure Valley is a wonderful place to raise seed, but we can't control contamination between fields," Snelling said."It's possible to detect that contamination, though, and that's forcing us to do a lot of extra testing.That means it takes more time and money to process seed," he added.Snelling and other members of IEOSA, representing seed processing companies, asked for a private meeting with Monsanto officials to discuss the issue more fully.

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