John Sefick

last updated 2/10/2017

John Sefick

Member at TAAS

P.O. Box 50581, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

General Information


Member - TAAS

Founder - Chaco Observatory

Recent News

Rio Rancho High School by TAAS member John Sefick
John Sefick was recognized for his generous donations and received a plaque from the park service.

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In January 1997, TAAS member John Sefick brought his astronomy equipment to Chaco.
He was so impressed with the skies above Chaco that he donated a domed observatory and equipment to the park.

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StarWatch: Moravian College Astronomy

Above: John Sefick of Albuquerque, NM masterfully photographed the Orion Nebula from Siding Spring Observatory in Australia in February of 2001.

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