John Ralston

last updated 10/19/2017

John C. Ralston

Lieutenant at Frostburg State University

101 Braddock Road, Frostburg, Maryland, United States
HQ Phone:
(301) 687-4000

General Information


Vice President - District 7 of the MML


Board Member - Maryland Municipal League

Recent News

Mayor Arthur T. Bond called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Council Members present were: Commissioner Douglas Lemmert, Commissioner Richard Weimer, Commissioner Susan Keller and Commissioner John Ralston.
5. Crime Reporting System ( - Commissioner Ralston presented a proposal from a crime reporting softer firm that would make many police reports available on a daily basis. Governor O'Malley's Office of Crime Control and Prevention is actively supporting the project and has offered to fund the first year's costs of $99 per month. A demonstration of the software is planned for the Council Meeting. It has been approved and is in use by the City of Cumberland and the Allegany County Sheriff's Department. It was the general discussion and consensus to have a Resolution prepared for the Council Meeting to approve participation. 6. Resolution 2008-21: Open Air Burning - John Kirby presented this Resolution to address the concerns express the previous month by Commissioner Ralston. Present - Commissioner John Ralston, Commissioner Richard Weimer, Commissioner Douglas Lemmert, Commissioner Susan Keller, and Mayor Arthur Bond. Commissioner Ralston suggested that staff provide the Mayor and Council with various proposals for review that would include a flat rate for everybody, the conservation rate, and the rate without the $2.25. He stated if we have to eliminate programs, we are taking away from our quality of life. Commissioner Ralston suggested looking at flat rates for commercial, institutional, and residential. Commissioner Ralston felt that we will at least make the people aware of what we are working with, and how we derived at the best rate without damaging our services. Commissioner Ralston suggested that on the subsidized side of it, along with the rates, that it be described where the money is coming from and the implications of what we will lose. Commissioner Ralston felt that if an employee was doing code enforcement plus inspections, we would have to change something according to state law. Commissioner Ralston stated that he was told the same thing. Commissioner Ralston questioned if a city employee was a Code Enforcement Officer, who would follow up on them. Mr. Ralston noted that while we have many landlords who take care of their property, we have many absentee landlords as well as local landlords who do not. Commissioner Ralston asked if this will have any effect on the most recent MOU between the City Police Department and the Campus Police. Commissioner Ralston reported that we have filed against two under the old contract and they are protesting. Commissioner Ralston agreed with Mayor Bond. Commissioner Ralston spoke on the need for a car before the budget process. Commissioner Ralston stated that if a vehicle is needed before the new budget, rather than giving a $1,000 bonus, we could give $850 and the difference would help us get a car. Commissioner Ralston disagreed. Commissioner Ralston said a request was sent to the county and we have not even had the courtesy of a phone call. He stated that he is going to request a meeting with Gary Moore and take a copy of his request with him because he suspects that Mr. Moore has never seen it. Commissioner Ralston stated that the yearly report for 2006 shows a slight decrease in most areas over 2005. Commissioner Ralston suggested that if we need a cruiser prior to July 1, the bonus would be $850 as opposed to $1,000.

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July 2007 Council Minutes |

Present - Commissioner Douglas Lemmert, Commissioner Richard Weimer, Commissioner John Ralston, and Mayor Arthur Bond.
Motion by Commissioner Weimer, seconded by Commissioner Ralston, that the minutes of the Work Session on June 19, 2007, the Council Meeting on June 21, 2007, and the Closed Executive Session on July 17, 2007 be accepted. Mr. Kirby noted this is an informal Public Hearing at the request of Commissioner of Public Safety John C. Ralston, Sr. Commissioner Ralston stated this is in the preliminary stages and it was spurred by the recent incident we had, along with a nationwide trend to address these types of domestic animals. Commissioner Ralston stated this is just in the preliminary stage and it hasn't been discussed. Gene Harris, 174 Mt. Pleasant Street, thanked Commissioner Ralston for having the political courage to bring this issue before the people. Motion by Commissioner Ralston, seconded by Commissioner Weimer, to accept and enter into the record the Police and Fire Department Reports for the month of June. Motion carried unanimously. Commissioner Ralston reported the city has three recruits in the Training Academy. Following graduation they will work with a training officer for a few months. Motion by Commissioner Weimer, seconded by Commissioner Ralston to accept and enter into the record the Treasurer's Report for the month of June. Commissioner Ralston stated he had not heard anything about this issue. It wasn't discussed in the Work Session. Commissioner Weimer said we are looking for greater accountability and want some checks and balances in place to ensure that we do what is best. In the past we have had expenditures with this line item that he questions. Commissioner Ralston stated that he felt he was being singled out because he is active in the MML. Mayor Bond stated that since Commissioner Ralston is Vice President of District 7 of the MML, the money left in the line item was to cover his travel to Annapolis and to attend the summer and fall conventions. Motion passed on a majority vote (3-1) with Commissioner Ralston voting nay. Motion by Commissioner Lemmert, seconded by Commissioner Ralston, to accept and enter into the record the Water Department and Recreation Department reports for the month of June. Motion by Commissioner Ralston, seconded by Commissioner Ralston, that Ordinance 2007-03: Authorizing and Providing for the Levy, Imposition and Collection of Special taxes in the Nature of an Ad Valorem Tax upon Real and Personal Property in the Route 36 Special Taxing District. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Commissioner Weimer, seconded by Commissioner Ralston, that Resolution 2007-38: Approving a contract with Chesapeake benefit Services, Inc. as our health insurance broker. Commissioner Ralston thanked Mayor Bond for contacting the Western Maryland Health System about Mrs. Harper's problem, and also felt the Mr. Williams will work with Mrs. Harper in making any transition in that area as smooth as possible. Motion by Commissioner Lemmert, seconded by Commissioner Ralston that Resolution 2007-40: Amendment to Grant Agreement for Community Legacy Project 205-03 and Final Grant Expenditure for Window Replacement at City Place. Motion carried unanimously. Motion by Commissioner Ralston, seconded by Commissioner Lemmert, that Ordinance 1007-04: Amending the City Code to Provide for Adoption of the 2006 Maryland Building Performance Standards and the 2006 International Property Maintenance Code be approved as a first reading, and that August 16, 2007 be set for a Public Hearing. Motion by Commissioner Ralston, seconded by Commissioner Lemmert that the following appointments be approved:

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Frostburg Public Safety Commissioner John Ralston said that officers hired in 2006 left the same year. "We know there is always going to be turnover in law enforcement work," Ralston said."Officers will leave for higher pay or better equipment.We're just trying to make sure we don't lose our investment.We want the officers to at least work the three years the contract calls for."Ralston said applications are being reviewed as the city moves to refill three positions, including one made vacant by a retirement, to bring the force back to full staffing of 16.

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