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Businessman and Owner  - East Coast Karate

U.S. Customs

East Coast Koju-Kai


college degree  - Criminal Justice , 

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John F. Ralph, the Shihan (Master Instructor) at the East Coast Koju-Kai
Karate Center, is a certified Black Belt with over 34 years of Budo (martial arts) experience. This American Dojo (school) reflects the beautiful decor, proper etiquette, and hard training of a traditional dojo found on the island of Okinawa, Japan. Located in Aberdeen, New Jersey, in Monmouth County, the East Coast Koju-Kai offers the student a unique and unforgettable journey through the world of Japanese-American martial arts. Born in Longbranch, NJ, John Ralph is a long-time resident of Matawan and Keyport, NJ. He is a successful businessman and sole owner of the East Coast Karate, and he is dedicated to the personal growth, development and success of his students. Shihan John Ralph also has 20 years experience as a professional Protection Specialist (bodyguard) and Private Investigator working for investigation and detective agencies. He provides protective services including: one-on-one bodyguard; protective entourage; protective chauffeur; family protection and security; advance work; and security counseling. He has worked with U.S. Customs and county law enforcement in Miami and Jacksonville, Florida to track down counterfeiters. He earned a college degree in Criminal Justice and was certified by the United States Academy of Private Investigation, Beverly Hills, CA. Mr. Ralph has also served as a Martial Arts Instructor for local police departments in New Jersey.

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