John Hrvatin

last updated 11/27/2017

John Hrvatin

Principal Group Program Manager, Windows Engineering Systems at Microsoft Corporation

ONE MICROSOFT WAY, Redmond, Washington, United States
HQ Phone:
(425) 882-8080

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CODE - Hrvatin, John

John Hrvatin
John has been a Program Manager on the Internet Explorer team in Redmond, Washington, since 2004. He works on Internet Explorer 8's Web developer tools and platform performance.

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IE7 Installation & Anti-Malware Applications by John Hrvatin, Microsoft Program Manager.
Explains why Microsoft recommends uninstalling anti-virus and anti-parasite programs before upgrading to IE7. (PS - I recommend it, too!)

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: IE nine browser to accessibility the RC stage of improvement Recently, Office 2007 Pro, the technologies web page Softpedia fortunate to interview Microsoft's IE plan supervisor John Hrvatin.
John is the IE development division with the senior figures from his mouth we are able to get a few of the latest news about IE 9: Issue one: IE 9 Beta happens to be downloaded accrued over 13 million times, it truly is Microsoft's background,...

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