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Hendersonville Airport owner John Fadok said his flat low-lying property suffers the same problem. The ordinance would hurt him, Fadok said, because it would prevent him from adding buildings such as airplane hangers.Had he had flood insurance following last fall's storms, he said, it would have only covered three percent of his damages.

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John Fadok - Mr. Fadok, owner and operator of the Hendersonville Airport, spoke regarding the Flood Ordinance.Having it would have a major impact on the airport.He thanked the Board for crafting an ordinance that is much more reasonable than what was originally put out.He was not in favor of the fees, feeling that there shouldn't be any fees regarding the flood ordinance.The government is restricting the use of the land and as the public good the public should bear the cost and not put it on the backs of those people that are already being regulated.Following adoption of the floodplain ordinance, he felt the Board should look at a water retention ordinance or water run-off ordinance because of all the construction in the area.

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