John Caldwell

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Owner - Vineyard

Computer Consultant for the Department - Homeland Security

Computer Consultant for the Department - Vineyard Magazine


doctorate - astrophysics , University of Chicago

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"It doesn't take Rocket Science to make great wine, just great grapes" John Caldwell, World-Renowned Vineyard Owner Rocket Science Napa Valley Red Reg. $44.99 On Sale $35.99 By The Case $32.99 Vineyard owner John Caldwell and winemaker Philippe Melka are two men who ... more

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I have learned about all kinds of people on East Chop in the last few months, and John Caldwell would have the answers I needed.I was not disappointed.John explained that dark energy is the mysterious force that is pushing apart the galaxies in the universe and space itself.It answers the important question of whether the universe will end by collapsing back into itself or expanding forever.Our ultimate destiny is cold and dark, he concluded with a sheepish grin.> >John received his doctorate in astrophysics from the University of Chicago in 1977.In researching his dissertation, he designed an instrument and developed mathematical techniques to measure the particles from the Big Bang with the goal of determining how this glorious event took place.A few years after graduating, he brought his mathematical techniques to the oil industry for use in finding oil.Upon leaving his house, an important idea occurred to me.Here is a man who spent his career searching for heaven and hell, and found neither.That's an important conclusion, which belongs in my book on evangelical Christianity.You can be sure that it will find its way into the revised edition.Because John is a resourceful person, he discovered heaven in another way.He retired from the oil industry, and married the beautiful Terry Appenzellar.The two of them then joined the Take This Job and Shove It crowd on East Chop that I wrote about last week. At present, John works from the Vineyard as a computer consultant for the Department of Homeland Security.I for one sleep better at night knowing that his considerable brainpower is looking out for our welfare.

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Read more about the inception of Pahlmeyer Winery - the story of Jayson's partnership with vineyard owner John Caldwell and their pursuit of the finest Bordeaux clones... Today Jayson remains the winery's visionary, yet sees in his daughter, sons and son-in-law, the same devotion and passion to wine that compelled him to start Pahlmeyer.

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