John Alteio

John Alteio

General Manager, Woot at Woot Inc

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General Manager, Woot  -, Inc.

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John Alteio, General Manager of, said "Friday is the perfect time to remind ourselves that life is much easier when you spend a lot of time online and ignore the so-called "real" world.
We're inviting America to #OptInside with us so that everyone can enjoy the comforts of shopping online and having cheap stuff delivered right to your door." In a letter to users, Alteio quoted American politician Bob Dole who said in 1996, "the internet is a great way to get on the net." Alteio continued: "At Woot, we'd rather be indoors, looking at a picture of a mountain on the internet than on an actual mountain.

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John Alteio, director of Toys & Games for, calls the list a "one-stop destination" to easily find and purchase toys kids will be clamoring for this holiday season.

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"Our goal is to offer an unmatched toy selection, but it's also extremely important to us that our customers can easily find that one right toy at a great value," says John Alteio, director of Toys and Games for Amazon.

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