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Captain - Jackson County Drug Task Force

Investigator - Jackson County Drug Task Force

Commander - Jackson County Drug Task Force

Sheriff Captain - Jackson County

Sheriff's Deputy - Jackson County

Investigator - Jackson County Sheriff's Office

Captain - Jackson County Sheriff's Office


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When a meth lab explodes it releases caustic and carcinogenic chemicals, according to Joey Rabon, a captain with the Jackson County Drug Task Force.
The chemicals are absorbed into furniture, walls and carpeting and can cause a number of negative health effects. A meth lab essentially turns a place into a hazardous waste site, Rabon said. The drug task force relies heavily on pictures of the evidence in these types of cases, Rabon said. The contaminated materials are usually taken outside by law enforcement. Officers then wait for a hazardous materials company from Panama City or Tallahassee, contracted by the federal government, to remove the materials, Rabon said. The drug task force only leaves with samples of the liquids found at the scene. After the evidence is gathered by the drug task force and the hazardous materials are taken by hazmat, the site is basically out of law enforcement's hands, according to Rabon. Rabon said it is then the property owners responsibility to do "whatever it takes to make that room livable." Despite the hazards, there are no regulations in Florida that Rabon knew of prohibiting someone from entering or inhabiting the site where there was a methamphetamine lab. "It's your home, I can't tell you not to go in your house," he said. Rabon said the danger extends to hotel rooms and apartments. "You don't want to go lay your head in the same motel room that a meth cook was in there cooking two days ago," Rabon said. View More: Angela Renee Locke, Beverly Conrad, Captain, Carlton Wayne Key, Caustic And Carcinogenic Chemicals, Charlie Crist, Chemical Burns, Chemicals, Colorado, County Environmental Health Director, Department Of Children And Families, Federal Government, Florida, Florida Association Of Counties, Florida Association Of Realtors, Governor, Hazardous Waste Site, Head, Indiana, Indiana Department Of Environmental Management, Inspector, Jackson County, Jackson County Drug Task Force, Jackson County Environmental Health Director, Jackson County Jail, Jackson Hospital, Jackson Hospital, Joey Rabon, Law Enforcement, Lou Roberts, Materials, Materials Company, Methamphetamine Chemicals, Panama City, Qualified Inspector, Sheriff, State Law, Tallahassee, T. G. Harkrider, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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The Jackson County Floridan | Cops suit up to tackle meth plague

According to figures provided by investigator Joey Rabon of the Jackson County Drug Task Force, since 2002 almost 20 children have been removed from Jackson County homes where meth labs were operating. "That's the real tragedy in all this," Rabon said."Innocent children are being put at extreme risk.I don't know of any cases here where children have suffered long-term physical damage, but they are in an environment that puts them in real danger." Rabon and Watson, who is also a member of the task force, say they believe some of those involved in methamphetamine use and production create more problems for law enforcement and innocent victims. Rabon and Watson also agree that meth producers tend to use their own poison, and as a result can turn extremely paranoid.

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A trio of family members suspected of dealing drugs in Marianna were arrested Thursday in a raid on the Harrison Street home of Frank Brown Jr., according to Jackson County Drug Task Force commander Joey Rabon. The task force had conducted a series of undercover drug buys at the Harrison Street house in an investigation that spanned about four months, Rabon said.On Thursday, authorities seized 10 grams of powder cocaine, roughly nine pieces of crack cocaine, eight firearms and several rounds of ammunition. Rabon said one gun was found in the house and that the other seven were found in the trunk of a car parked in the yard of the home Thursday.One of the guns seized was a pistol reported stolen on July 13. Rabon said an additional charge against Frank Brown Jr. is pending.According to Rabon, he is a convicted felon and is expected to be charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm. The drug task force is made up of officers from the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, the Marianna, Graceville and Cottondale police departments and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

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